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Some Onyx Marbles For Sale


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I am not sure of the date. Can’t even remember where I got it from, found it on an old disk I had.

It looks like the three boxes are Akro, Christensen, and Peltier.


“IF” the add is using the term Onyx to described Slag-type marbles, then the listing for No. 5 “Rainbo”, a name Peltier used, would be quite interesting. If this is the case, we may have to rethink “who actually made the larger Slags”. In the past, it was commonly believed that only Akro and M F Christensen produced the big ones.

Even if they are not Slags, a box of 15/16” Peltier’s would be something to see.

What da ya guys think?

And, had anyone seen the bag “National Rainbo Agates”?


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What I wouldn't give to find them for so cheap :). I wonder what the equivalent price would be, not in secondary market, but rather today's dollar...


Just for fun, let's put the date on the ad as 1925.

Based on average prices of average items bought by average Americans, $1 in 1925 would buy the same as $11.74 now. . . . (See What is a dollar worth?)

So, to get a dozen of those Favorite boxes, instead of the 74¢ it would take in 1925, you'd need to fork over $8.69 this year.

That's wholesale, right? :D

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