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Sweet story ... and all that eye candy ... and what do I do?

Jump right to the plain red and yellow patches. ^_^

(That is a gorgeous lot. I feel lucky to see them all. Thanks!)

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He and another old feller was telling me how they were the best marble shooters in the area (Cincinnati, Ohio) as children. I asked if he had ever had any orig. boxes of marbles, he said he was a poor kid, and poor kids couldn't afford to buy the boxes. He won all that he had. Said he hated steelies, they tore the hell out of his marbles. I could see the gleam in their eyes as they were talking back and forth telling me about their shooters, it was allmost like they were kids again.

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Might I suggest that you keep this group of marbles together as they will always mean more to you this way. I have kept all my original marbles this way.

As a group my marbles are rather non-descript, but rediscovering them about 6 years ago sparked my interest in marble collecting. Although I now have many marbles more attractive and rarer than my little hoard of hard won mibs when I was 10 years old, nothing will ever eclipse my original marbles.

As a tribute to the elderly gentleman who relinquished ownership to you, I think it only fitting to keep them together. But, of course, that's your call to make.

Nice marbles!!!

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