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Thanks for the nod on that egg yolk. I was just working with this one just now, and thought I'd post. Maybe others would think it is unspectacular too, but I'd disagree. I really dig the browns in with the reds, but this one is as minty fresh as could be. I like it! Thought I'd share this one too. John




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Thanks for helping me fill in the gaps. Did I mention that when I started the threads they were just gonna be for spare pictures which didn't fit in other threads?

That made them sort of a strange hodgepodge.

New folks passing through have probably hoped they'd be more comprehensive. And now they're getting there.

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Sorry if I missed this...I took the thread titles at face value! :mellow: Sure you still want to see other examples? I do think there would be value to adding more pictures. For me, the more I see, and the more often I see different examples, the better. I think of newcomers (and even more experienced collectors)...and having a good place to go to see some good pictures and some good ID'd material I think could only help the hobby.

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

I started the threads 8 years ago! And now I feel a little self-conscious about them being a hodge-podge. So thank you thank you thank you thank you for providing so much extra content !!

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This was a recent acquisition that I was working with tonight. It has some condition issues, and I wasn't entirely happy with the images I got, but heck, it twists round and round a bunch, and is a bigger marble...at 0.77"....those condition issues are fine for now. John




1284raw copy.jpg

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I wonder if this kind of copy/paste will work with the gallery photos included. Yes! The images are showing up, at least for me. Chad posted this in the buy-sell-trade forum. Already sold, folks. (Sorry :)).

Akro Agate 50ct Striped Onyx No.2 Box

3/4" Akro Agate Slags. Some are slightly larger, some smaller. Marbles appear to be original to the box. Some have clear indication of being hand gathered and exhibit nice "9" and "tails". .... Paper dividers appear to be original. ....

IMG 7838

IMG 7841

IMG 7837

IMG 7832

IMG 7842

IMG 7844

IMG 7843

IMG 7846

IMG 7849

IMG 7847

IMG 7850

IMG 7851

IMG 7853

IMG 7855

IMG 7856

IMG 7858

IMG 7859

IMG 7860

IMG 7862

IMG 7863

IMG 7864

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