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Caged Handmade


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My acquisitions of late have been mostly antique handmade, in particular of the caged Varity. These caged marbles appear to have been made in most core types but I have not seen one with a latticinio core or one with any lutz. Are these two types just very rare or were they not made? Also are there other colors of the cage bands besides white and yellow? Thanks for any info.


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It must be something about the symmetry of caged marbles that make them appealing. Looks like you've got a good start on a nice group. I'm a fan of the blue/white cores.

I can't explain why, but I think white cage (are we defining cage as more than a dozen?) is more common, followed by yellow, then orange, maybe red, green, blue, purple, etc. Alternating colors must fit in there somewhere so I'm not sure of the specifics.

I suppose a latt surrounding a solid core (or other) could still be considered a cage. Nice one Road Dog

Mica or Lutz on latt/solid/ribbon swirls would definitely stand out in a crowd. Can't say I've seen one but sure they're out there.

Roger, yikes! That stands out in a crowd as well :blink:


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Does the term "caged" refer to the outer bands being spaced evenly apart?

Yes, Andrea, it does refer to the outer bands, but also the number of bands. If you will notice, there are approximately 15 or more outer bands, giving the appearance of a cage. 5 or 6 bands would not give the same appearance, and IMO, would not be considered 'caged'.


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Guest browse4antiques

I think that "caged" is a look that arises from evenly spaced, uniform thickness outer bands. When there are 12 or more, it always appears caged, and I've never seen less than 8 that seems caged (see the solid-core below that has only 8). When there is a strong twist to the marble it makes the caging look more dense - the ribbon-core, and the divided core shown below each has 13, but the appear quite different on the "cage" scale. ... Roger




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