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Got Mica ?


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I found a place on my innernet that had a free sample of mica flakes for just a dollar.

My usual glass wasn't compatible, so my first two days' marbles all fractured, but with

a little experimentation and sufficient doobage, I was able to find a glass that works,

and I just about got it figured out now. So, from my kitchen table to you, I hope you like these.

Thank you for looking !

mika b. out left in Calif.








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Thank you Kris.

James, I took a month off from marbles because I had to make a few windows and do a lot of yard work.

I'll try to get these on my website this weekend, and I am making marbles again now. If you like any of these and can't wait,

please contact me.



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Thank you Carole, Maggie, and Dave.

Mike, I'm relieved that you liked yours, thanks.

and Steve, I'm ready to try the Wissmach any time. Different sheets may not be compatible, so if you have any pieces with 2 or 3 colors, we may get something more interesting. Need my address ?

thanks all,


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Thank you Mike. Those above were just under an inch and took about 35 - 40 minutes, most of the signed ones were $15.

This last week I made some about 1 1/4", they took about 50 minutes, maybe $25, I don't have them graded yet.

I might still have that green one, send me your address, and we'll find out.



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