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Under The Onion's Skin


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Not all onionskin's have inner cores. In fact only about a quarter of them do. I have seen them with double and triple cores. I hate to "pull" the ends that far down that it exposes the inner cores, but sometimes I don't have a choice if the customer insists that all damage be removed, or if the marble is hurt so badly that I have to remove a lot of glass to save it. I have learned over the years to leave small amounts of "clear" damage that doesn't detract from the beauty of a marble, rather than "pull" those ends down that far if the customer leaves the reconditioning up to me. ----Leroy----P.S.These are my own opinions from the many onionskins that I have handled. Please keep in mind that there are thousands and thousands if not millions of these types of marbles that I haven't seen. So to say that only about a quarter of them have inner cores is wrong on my part. But, it's true of the ones that I have handled.

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Wow, I didn't know that Leroy... I have seen the multiple cores, but if quized, I'd have guessed that most all of them have some sort of core, even if it's only a single white line...

I still wonder why.... The only thing I can imagine, might be that they'd have taken a bunch of "ends" that still had some use, stuck 'em all together, then built a new cane on top of them??

Yeah, that one is pulled down pretty far.... But, if the outside was really trashed, the end result is kinda cool. Whenever I see one like that, I always hope that the need was great enough that it only left that option to keep it out of the aquarium (Where I used to toss my "well beyond any sort of help" marbles....)

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Most onionskins are that way, either that or real bubbly crappy looking glass. If you look on the outside of a lot of old onions, youll see the glass isnt good crystal. They had good clean crystal back in the day. Its my opinion, marbles were made to use up the unwanted glass at the bottom- cleaning out the pot or right off of the top to use up the not so good stuff. End of canes, end of onion cane can all be found hidden in the cores of either solid cores or oinions.

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