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Moss Agate Type Marbles


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Moss Agates from Akro boxes on eBay:



There are some unusual ones in there. One on the bottom row looks opalescent. Are they all Akro?

Here's a pic Galen posted. He said it was from Mike's Salesman Sample case.


Note 1: More than one marble guide has described Akro Moss Agates as having translucent colored patches. This is sometimes the case but it seems evident that the patches could also be transparent or opaque.

Some of the bases will fluoresce. Some will not.

Note 2: It has been reported that Akro sold their ade marbles under the name Moss Agate.

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Some Moss-Agate-like Masters from ebay auctions:

EDIT: I think the marbles on the left in this first box are actually what Master called Cloudys. And the marbles on the right are what they called Meteors. (See ads here.)





These were sold separately but I am under the impression that they came from the same box:



To show another color, here is a box Al posted which belonged to Les Jones.


Opaque orange also appears to be an option. For an example, see p. 122 of American Machine-Made Marbles.

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Did anyone else do mossy type marbles? From time to time I hear someone say Vitro made them but I don't remember seeing any examples.

There are some modern, foreign ones with translucent bases.

[space reserved for example]

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Thanks Dani. And John.

Yes, I was trying to sort out the patches - or at least see if there was any chance for me to do it! - so I sidestepped the swirly or corky moss agates. cool.gif

p.s., did you know that to Master their Meteors were translucent? Some mibs I've been calling Cloudies I shouldn't have. I made an edit about that above. Master included "Moss Agate" style mibs under both names in their ads. Also, the ads have at least one pic of what I thought were Cloudies but they called 'em Meteors.

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Okay, if anyone would like to add examples of the swirly/corky Moss Agates, they're welcome here now. As noted, I had intended to keep this thread about patches, but I need a thread to link to for the swirly/corky Moss Agate discussions.

I'd have to put a little bit of effort into gathering the advertising evidence for the existence of swirly Moss Agates. It's out there though. For example in one ad, Moss Agates are described as having "exquisite patterns". Patches wouldn't be described as having "exquisite patterns". It's a little confusing since the description is next to a photo of a patch. But Akro ads did a lot of cutting and pasting. Old descriptions with new pics. Old pics with new descriptions. I've gathered a lot of it together before, but I can't remember where I put it. When I find it, I'll add it to this thread.

In the meantime, here is a sample box of Moss Agates with salesman's price label affixed:





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Oooof. I think I'm going to regret this.

But it's become clear that this photo that Steph posted that Galen posted has been eating away at my subconscious for a while.

I personally have one (count 'em!) Moss Agate.

It's the cherry and lemon-limey variation you see in row two of the salesman box. It's beautiful, and one of my favorites.

I can't read the 'No. 0' etc. headings in the last two larger-size columns in the photo.

Would someone please remind me what the actual maximum sizes are for these traditional 'number' classifications?

I'd like to know where my 15/16 marble fits into the overall line-up.

The potential 'regret' that I mentioned is because I've managed to overcome my 'collector' addiction instinct for many

years now. But if you answer my question, I'm probably going to fall 'off the wagon' and decide that I absolutely

have to have an example of every size available. So let it be on your head if you do!

Of course, as we all know, I'm a little bit nuts.

I'm sure no one else here has this sort of obsessive tendency. :lol:


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Neat! Even though you've now 'enabled' me to need an additional marble. ( :

As always, the prices are somehow entertaining and painful at the same time.

Holy cow and omg. The prices for those gift boxes and mesh bags are per gross?

A 'square' dozen? One hundred forty-four?

So the #300 gift box of 96 various sized Moss Agates with buckskin bag will

net you almost 14,000 marbles and 144 pouches for the exorbitant price of $70?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this obvious highway robbery!

And I'm probably having some sort of mental lapse about something obvious,

but what does "Price per M. marbles" mean? Oh no, wait a second.

No. No no no no no no no. Never mind. I don't want to know! :wacko:

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(response to sclsu)

Hee-hee! Wouldn't it be great?

You could just keep them all and feel pretty good about it.

Or you could sell them for a buck each and get a ten-fold return on investment.

The best approach to doing this would of course be the 'lunatic' advertising technique from a few decades ago.

♪How do I do it.... How do I do it....

Volume, volume.... TURN UP THE VOLUME! ♪

And as you can see, I'm COMPLETELY INSANE!!!!! :blink:

(I'm a little embarrassed here. Hope it's not obvious that I'm more than halfway through the bottle of beer I allow myself on Saturday night.)

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