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Quick Alox Cat Eye Note


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just in case you, like I, have immediately suspected backfilling when you've seen cat's eyes in Alox packaging, ... don't be too quick on that.

Alox definitely distributed cat's eyes. Nancy has them in original packaging as well as loose from unpackaged factory stock.

and here's a fun little bit of ephemera she showed me.


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Joe and Steph it was a real treat! Jack just had hip surgery so I met him at the hospital...Really nice man, and in good spirits too boot. Nancy is a great women as well and is just a wealth of Alox information. I had no idea that they were as diversified as they were when it came to children's toys and such. I have some pictures and things that I will post on the boards...probably tomorrow when I have more time!

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I kinda got the impression of both.

The ones on the lower left here seem to have the look of yours. Coming across as more delicate in general than MK.


But some looked more solid too. These are from unpackaged factory stock. The green looks a little delicate maybe. The yellow, red and white look very solid.

post-279-1217264881_thumb.jpg post-279-1217265056_thumb.jpg

Mr. Frier has confirmed that the cat's eyes were purchased from other factories. I suppose more than one company is possible. If I find out who I'll add the info.

update: some of the unpackaged cats may have been samples sent to Alox.

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