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Vitro Agate , Marbles And A Little History


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This fantasy Akro packaging is thought to contain Anacortes marbles.

(click to enlarge)

th_Thought2BAnacortes.jpg th_akrobg1_ron_shaw.jpg

(1st pic from ebay auction, 2nd pic is Roningeorgia's)

And then am I correct that some Anacortes marbles can be found in Jabo packaging? "Many truckloads" are said to have been shipped to Jabo in late 1992 through the first half of 1993, when Anacortes officially went out of business. The cargo included marbles, right?

Oh yes, I know there are Anacortes marbles in Jabo packaging. I remember one definite example. Cage style cats in a "Division Of Jabo" bag, with Reno, Ohio given as the location where one might assume they were made if one didn't know better.


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Speaking of Vienna vs. Parkersburg ...

I think these marbles were made in Vienna ...


Still the package says Parkersburg.


They always used a Parkersburg mailing address even before they moved the factory there.

Amer. Mach-Made Marbles says Vitro probably discontinued the use of the Vitro logo on the lid in the late 30's.

(if I'm reading correctly)

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nice mibs there edna....the vienna plant was in the southern part of town......the sign for parkersburg is just about back to back...maybe vienna was a small town back then and didnt have a post office or a big enough service to accomidate a company like vitro???or maybe when you went up that hill you were into parkersburg?????maybe the corporate office was in p-burg??????

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