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  1. That agate collection looks terrific in that box. Those beauties would look great in a plain paper bag or a shoebox, too, but that vintage combo is perfect.
  2. Veiligglas Wirepull's

    It does just fine without color, winnie, like a classic movie. What a knockout.
  3. Found his big cousin

    Just gorgeous!
  4. Assorted marbles from Europe

    I’d forgotten that about the sparklers MOK. I found a post from a Stefan in 2014 that showed an original bag of them that said they were made by”VEB Werk für technisches Glas Ilmenau.” (There’s a Wikipedia site for the company - anyone sprechen sie Deutsch?) It seems odd that a technical glass company (beakers, test tubes, and the like) would produce marbles, too, but you never know - they would have plenty of clear base glass handy. Is there any other data on their origin?
  5. Assorted marbles from Europe

    All beautiful, Stephane, thanks for sharing! (Sorry, I don’t have l’accent grave on my keyboard.) I’ll have to dig out my Veiligglas sparklers and wirepulls too!
  6. Milky oxbloods?

    Just my 2 cents - that blueish ox sure “smells” less like an Akro and more like an Alley to me, too.
  7. Display Case

    Was there a display case in that picture? I didn’t notice! Those SLAGS!!
  8. what is it?

    Yep, now that I look at a on a monitor instead of a mobile device, you guys have it nailed, as always. I wonder if the seller has a torch in his basement or garage...
  9. Czech Bullet Mold

    I agree Jerry - the transparent base and color combo is striking. Any but the drab moderns in these are really hard to find
  10. Czech Bullet Mold

    I’m aware of one possibility - this was a “Czech guinea” that came up at one of Bob Block’s auctions over ten years ago (8/07.) It’s a rotten image, sorry... This was Bob’s description of the marble and its provenance: “The core is essentially Guinea flakes packed together forming a corkscrew. About a dozen of these showed up at a mineral show in Connecticut about 20 years ago, with a Czech dealer. I bought four, not knowing what they were. Kevin Stump bought the rest (and I have been kicking myself ever since). The dealer said he bought them in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s. These are exceptionally rare, I am not aware of any of these being auctioned off before. Czechoslovakia, circa 1920-1930. 19/32". Mint (9.9).” Here’s a link to the auction: http://www.icollector.com/BB-Marbles-Rare-Czech-1920s-Marble_i7157026 If Bob has found any more info on these oddities in the last 10+ years maybe he’ll post it here.
  11. gamble auction

    At least the seller offers returns, Greg, and states that “Virtually all are in EXCELLENT + condition and show no apparent usage or damage unless so noted.” The patterns don’t blow my socks off, but so far the price looks right.
  12. what is it?

    “I have no idea what it is, so I’m going to stick it up there, call it a CAC and slap a $500 BIN on it.” I think that’s called chutzpah. Or brass something. As to what it is - maybe an odd Euro?
  13. Color combo name? Manufacturer?

    Yeah, the seam looks a a little hinky like a Master, but the colors are just dead on Akro. Could well be Master, though.
  14. Color combo name? Manufacturer?

    It's an Akro, one of their classic and common color combos - not sure if it has a name - Cub Scout colors though.
  15. Happy New Year

    Steph I love your 2016 resolution - I once told someone I never met a cheesecake I didn't like, and that's (unfortunately) still true! i WILL lose that final 25 pounds this year...yeah, right lol. Happy, Healthy New Year to all!
  16. Help me with Oxblood....

    It looks more just rust brown to me, oxblood is a bit redder in color. Compare this one to the marbles in the oxblood posts.
  17. Post Some 9's

    I just have to say "WOW" at these posts...great marbles, folks!
  18. Mib ID

    It’s a tweener for sure - I’m in the Vitro camp (60%) but it might be Akro (30%) and maybe MK (10%)
  19. Mib ID

    A nice one, too.
  20. Beginner "must have" list?

    Must haves? That’s an especially tough and relevant question for me. I’m in the process selling off the vast majority of my collection and I’m trying to figure out what I want to keep - what marbles make me the happiest when I look at them. I’m still undecided on many after pondering that question for a long time, but I know the answer on this one, a really unusual faceted pontil 7/8” onion - it stays forever, as I never get tired of looking at it: As for advice for a beginner? I have never regretted buying any mint marble for a fair (or reasonably fair) price that I loved. I did buy far too many near mint examples that were darn lovely but just took up far too much space and far too much money. The advice given here by experts and more experienced collectors than I to buy the best examples you can find and afford is very wise indeed. Your collection will grow more slowly than by acquiring lots of lower cost lower quality marbles, but in the long run you’ll have a collection that you’ll be much happier with and one you’ll be proud to show off. Last thoughts - every manufacturer has what I think of as “keystone” items, marbles that are always in high demand. In Akro I think of 3/4” egg yolk oxblood. In CAC it’s the guinea. Vitro? A four-color parrot. Those items I’m not sure are still “must haves” - though I must admit I owned all three at one time - but they are at least pretty safe to own as they are very easy to sell.
  21. Mib By number.. The ones that get me

    I’d second that. That pretty much nails them down (isn’t #8 a Vitro too?) but what the heck is #18? Akro? Vitro?
  22. Good on ya, Scott! That video on the VFW tournaments is special, particularly the champ’s story.
  23. Holiday Wishes

    Beautiful, Mikie, thanks. You’re a tough act to follow, my friend, I’ll just go with an old favorite of mine... “But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight‍—‌ Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.” Thanks to everyone here for always making this a fun and interesting place to stop in. A special thanks to Steph for her incredible efforts on our behalf - no one has done it better.
  24. (I’m looking for a clapping emoji)