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  1. I’d say it’s highly likely from anecdotal evidence and the absence of other strong candidates.
  2. Great work on saving all this history, Chuck. The contrast in the two cullet checks is interesting - the MK cullet is a penny a pound, pretty typical I think. The one to Bogard Cullet Co. is a lot of cash.
  3. I wish I may, I wish I might... - a 7/8” turquoise German “9” slag with oxblood & egg yolk - a 7/8” black clambroth with sharp white pinstripes - a four-color lightning strike (red/green, blue/yellow) - just one drop-dead gorgeous Joseph’s coat and banded opaque (B.Bee, we might have to talk - I have a purple & yellow Canadian trans 😉)
  4. Member wvrons club keeps an excellent listing of the nation’s marble shows @ http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/news/
  5. That’s just a fabulous handmade, and a nice size, too. I wonder if there’s a whole solitaire board of those out there (he says hopefully😉?)
  6. I’m sorry I missed those, Galen, when I saw Lee’s collection - he’s got an amazing one. I bet those old German craftsmen didn’t waste much glass. I doubt those ‘fuseballs’ made it out into the field but probably stayed in the family. Most I’ve seen don’t have much if any play wear.
  7. OK, I’m ignorant here - Canadian Mushroom marble?? Are they at all related to the Canadian transitionals? Is this purple/yellow a typical example?
  8. Seems to be a two color swirl where the brown overlaid the blue in places making it look like three colors, but it’s difficult to tell definitively from your pictures. Fairly common combination for CAC, but they only produced marbles for about eight years. It looks mint, and if so I’d definitely keep that beauty.
  9. LOL I’ll second that reaction! What a beauty! That oxblood is so rich on that white.
  10. 🤯 Only Hansel can come up with stuff like that! ☺️
  11. I agree - I find these oddballs fascinating, as do many other collectors. This one is especially interesting.
  12. I’m just curious - faceted pontil?
  13. I'm sorry to report that Robert "Brian" Merhar from Hudson, Wisconsin, a longtime collector, passed away suddenly on December 10, 2018. Brian was one of the driving forces behind the JABO Ace run that I was a partner in on October 10, 2008 and I got to know him reasonably well during that entire process. He was one of a kind. My thoughts go out to his family. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/twincities/obituary.aspx?pid=190979965
  14. Thanks for the primer on the process, Alan, I wondered how he made them. They are cute little things, aren't they?
  15. My condolences to all of his loved ones. I had just learned of his passing from a friend - such a shame, he was a gem.
  16. I agree, Steph, based on the photos provided, I think it’s a generous offer.
  17. Royal3


    Marian, Moon Marbles it is, one of the happiest places on Earth for kids of all ages. The owner is a great fellow by the name of Bruce Breslow, and every year on the first weekend in March he hosts his Marble Crazy event. https://www.moonmarble.com/t2-annualevents.aspx And, conveniently, that same week the Kansas City marble show takes place: https://marbleconnection.com/topic/24134-kansas-city-marble-show-march-3-2019/ Scott McBride and company put on a great show. I guarantee if you go you’ll have a both a fine time AND be able to learn more about marbles in a couple of good days there than you’ll pick up from pictures. Go early to the host hotel, visit some of the exhibitors in their rooms, ask questions, and you’ll be amazed at what you see. I’m typing this now at the Canton, Ohio Show, and the halls of the Holiday Inn are filled with happy marble people doing just that!
  18. That’s a fine feat, and a fantastic find. Thanks to all of you folks for this thread.
  19. Welcome back, Dave, and thanks for your fascinating post. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your collection. - Royal
  20. Royal3

    German clear

    Steph you’re most likely right, I just wasn’t thinking about a cat (other than my rambunctious tabby who was on my lap at the time, hounding me for his nightly treats 🐱! ) It does have that look.
  21. Royal3


    You’re welcome!
  22. Royal3

    German clear

    No, not all Germans have bubbles, also called seedy glass, and machine made marbles can also have them. I’d need additional pictures to be sure what this one is. It’s best to take a minimum of two full sides and two ends of a marble for a good ID. It looks like it might be a coreless swirl - three outer bands with nothing in the center with light blue glass. I’d also have to know the size and see the full condition to hazard a guess on price range.
  23. Royal3


    Re “Hi! I'm new to marble collecting, as far as identification is concerned. Can you recommend a good resource for me?” Marian, if you’re looking for a good book or two on the subject I’d recommend American Machine Made Marbles by Dean Six (and others) and Marble Mania by Stanley Block as good places to start - both have lots of pictures and are still pretty relevant, though machine made information especially is constantly being updated as we all learn more of our past. For website links - besides this great board source here, of course - I’d highly recommend marblealan.com, and glasmurmeln.com. The latter site is operated by one of this board’s members, marbleconnoisseur, and has some excellent info as well as pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful marbles. My other recommendation is to find the next marble show nearest you and go, preferably a day or two early, and you’ll learn more there in a short period of time than you’d believe possible. It’s getting harder to find a comprehensive list of such shows, but here’s a link you can check: http://www.kingofalltechnology.com/marbleshows.htm If you’re interested and you care to share what area of the country live in I’m sure we can find an appropriate show for you. It’s well worth if you’re serious about collecting. Good luck! It’s a fun hobby, with lots of fine folks, always something to learn, and best of all - beautiful marbles to discover.
  24. Hansel, you find the most unique items! I think Craig is right, it was likely a prototype.
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