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  1. E-Bay Peltier Auctions

    Hello Mike!
  2. E-Bay Peltier Auctions

    Hi Rick, Good to hear from you. Sami
  3. Large handmade "Ebay"

    To be fair to the seller the marble is identical to the marble in Morphy auction. I think it is a late antique handmade, early 20th century. Flat spots take away from grade and value. Very large size.
  4. mib ID

    That marble is most likely a euro swirl some sort. Pretty marble.
  5. my newest swirl

    Fantastic marble!
  6. vegas!

    I’ll be arriving early Thursday morning. See you guys there. Sami
  7. Peltier Glass Toy Marbles Update

    Good info Joe. Thanks for letting us know. Sami
  8. bought me some flames

    Blue Flame is off the charts.
  9. happy with my new swirl

    Magnificent flame Winnie! Size?
  10. Peltier?

    I vote for an exotic Kokomo.
  11. Northern California 2017 Fall Marble Meet

    Bump! We are close to 20 collectors coming.
  12. It's back on !

    Andrea absolutely! What didn't you say so. Please pm me your address. best sami
  13. Hello all, We are scheduled to meet on Saturday September 30th starting at 10AM. Our venue this meeting will be the Club House in Sunset Park townhouse complex in Walnut Creek. Address is 1785 Pomar Way, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598. The meeting will start at 10AM and we will have pizza for lunch. We have a lot of space and good lighting. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. All the best, Sami Arim
  14. Your top 5 favorite marbles?

    1 - Peltier 2 - Christensen 3 - Akro 4 - Onionskin 5 - Agate Can I keep going?