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  1. When I skim through ebay marble auctions I automatically stop at any with bids. this is the main reason I snipe No sense giving away a good auction. I was even worse when bidders IDs were used,
  2. I want to see....older Vacor

    There have been multiple glass marble manufacturers in Mexico and numerous others in South American countries
  3. Milky oxbloods?

    I have had a large group of Milky Oxbloods from the dirt at Akro. (over 50) Thousands were dug there. I have also seen several Akro bags with Milkies in them, Some at the last Vegas show. I do not see them easily confused with Alley Agates that have Oxblood (and there are many)
  4. I want to see....older Vacor

    Sorry I completely disagree with the assumption these are Vacor. I have a box like that. I do not believe they are Vacor. Not marked Vacor and no proof. Early Vacors were clay, and their glass marbles for many years were very crude and nothing like early Allies etc.. From a person at Vacor. They said the earliest glass marbles were sort of a very crude cateye type? I had an email exchange that I now can not find but someone else also got very similar information about 15-20 years ago. This is just my opinion from the research I did years ago. I have been wrong before
  5. The snipe bid did not beat you. He had a higher bid. I have used a sniping program from the time I heard about them.. It is no different, The high bid wins. I can not count on both hands the amount of times I have lost to a bid the same as mine because they were first or had a slightly higher bid(below the next increment). Now that will get you cussing for a minute. Like this
  6. CAC flames

    WOW The blue base is exceptional!
  7. Y'all ever see a Jabo like this?

    I believe there were also marbles with silver made at the Peltier Mansion Run
  8. First thing that screams not CAC are all the striations in the Opaque glass. Not at all what you would expect to see in CAC glass
  9. $868 ??

    Could not be much clearer in his description FANTASY BOX
  10. Post Some 9's

    Always a favorite of mine New, Old, American, Canadian? European,Chinese Japanese I like them all
  11. CAC flames

    Very nice Flame!!!
  12. Color combo name? Manufacturer?

    or is it a Master?
  13. What is a "snotty" CAC?

    in this thread I am only talking about the recent ones with the blue transparent glass mixed in clear. I have not had them in hand but I have never seen a CAC with transparent colors mixed and the multiple stringy streams. Bring one to Canton so I can check it out. If they are a just an all blue transparent base I may change my mind. Anything is possible.
  14. What is a "snotty" CAC?

    I still think they are Ravenswoods.
  15. A couple that need IDs...

    I have and have had many transparent based "Flames"