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  1. Made by Wun Fak Mib one of Chinas premiere Handmade Marble Artists
  2. what the..

    I really do not see how anyone could be happy when the find out what they bought could have been purchased for much less than a tenth of what they paid. Ignorance is bliss as Mom used to say
  3. Prices on Ebay

    Looks like a flame made Guinea to me
  4. happy with my new swirl

    Very nice!!!
  5. What's in the Box?

  6. Lost on this one. Great color!

    Ghost it is.
  7. Aventurine and pink. Maker?

    Little sparkles is what you should see for aventurine, Those do look like Jabos and almost formed aventurine
  8. Not much to say except WOO HOO

    Neat part of Arnolds contract with Peltier
  9. Not much to say except WOO HOO

    I think they did it in a way to make the most marbles as quickly as they could with no effort to increase the "flame" look that we find desirable. I know CAC boxers and Alley owners found the busy patterns interesting but I really do not believe equipment was manipulated to increase the likelihood of nice flame patterns. Totally accidental IMHO. Just a side effect of making marbles with a small glass stream.
  10. Not much to say except WOO HOO

    I wonder if anyone was allowed or bothered to take the extra time to fiddle around with the machinery To try and make patterns at the time they were simply making marbles to stuff in bags or boxes for kids to beat up?? Personally I do not believe so. Heck even Jabo (until recently for collectors) or Champion hardly tried to manipulate for fancy patterns.. Even the cool wirepulls made at Champion were a happy accident. IMO If patterns were a sought after product I would have to believe multiswirled corks would be more common than single twists Or flames would be more common than simple swirls. I think it is just the collector that places a real value to the killer patterns not so much kid putting them in the ring. I could be totally off base but it just seems like it was the adults that really gave(give) value to killer patterns.
  11. Color challenge thread

    And that is an incredible CAC !!!!!!
  12. Northern California 2017 Fall Marble Meet

    Sounds great Sami! Will be there for sure.
  13. Not much to say except WOO HOO

    It is the fact that pure randomness could form such an exotic pattern that gets me
  14. An Akro Maybe...????

    They are relatively new as is that marble IMO