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  1. I haven't been bored in years. I've got too many irons in the fire, never a dull moment.
  2. No danger of that Paul, you've got the big guns! Super amazing alleys!
  3. A couple of heavy hitters for Master:
  4. Thanks, I believe that one would be a tootsie roll.
  5. Here's another neat one from that lot, also looks dug. There were some mibs with bits of oven brick and several DIs too.
  6. Yeah, if it wasn't in the lot of MKs with similar colors and av (and I think all of them were dug), I might have had a hard time figuring it out, but still I can see MK in it. This one looks dug too.
  7. A few new alleys to my collection:
  8. No doubt! Here's an interesting one with lots of AV and a swirl pattern. Never seen another one like it.
  9. I'm guessing it's some kind of soot from burn-off of contaminates or something like that in the tank. I melted a marble with an oxy-acetylene torch once and it changed the color and gave it that metallic look too. Impurities I guess.
  10. Dang... Well that makes 4!
  11. Yes, I've seen some with yellow but I don't have any.
  12. I've only heard theories, although some state them almost as fact. I think the general consensus is that they were unintentional but who really knows. I mean if the flow from the tank slowed down but the cutter speed remained the same, you would have smaller marbles. The slower the stream, the smaller the marble, until you slow the cutter speed down too. Then when you slow it down to match the amount of glass flowing from the tank required to make a 5/8" marble, you get a swirl instead of a patch because the stream ran longer and was able to fold and loop instead of just get cut off like short blocks of cord wood. Then when it hit the rollers, it all got smoothed and rounded into a sphere. So I don't see how it was unintentional for MK to have made 5/8" swirls... it's not like one marble could have come out as a patch/ribbon and the next a swirl. Sure, maybe it could get grabbed by the rollers and twist a little but it wouldn't be more than a little, like the jabo classics when they get caught by the rollers. Some of the MK swirls have an actual stream of glass that looped over on itself more than once and long enough to fill the volume required for a 5/8" sphere, which means the cutters were slowed down as well. I don't think that happened unintentionally unless it was during setup and adjustment periods. That's my take on it, based on mechanics and my understanding of how the marble making machines work. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please
  13. You know it, oddball marbles for the oddball collectors!
  14. Thanks! I guess it's a moss agate with AV and a 2-color patch.
  15. I think that was a smaller copy of one of my pics of some that I acquired in a lot and they matched up with some on ebay in different colors that were newer MKs, but I lost the photos of the ebay listing ones. I still have photos of mine. At first they were with my peltiers but they didn't fit right. I have some that are similar in pattern in bags of new MKs too but not the same milky base. I'm fairly comfortable keeping them in with my MKs for now based on matching the colors and patterns to these new ones I have on hand. Could be wrong though. Here are some of the missing photos: The MK swirls sure don't show up all that often and are fun to find. I have one other:
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