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  1. Oh I get all kinds of anxious when someone holds a marble over something hard. Almost panicky if it's a good one. I've had so many marbles dropped and I've dropped some myself. I've dropped someone else's marble once. I dropped a fellow collector's marble once so far, it belonged to John S. and I was over concrete at Ron's house . Thankfully it didn't hurt it. You can't handle marbles and not drop one at some point no matter how hard you try.
  2. I'm betting there have been more than one person who thought to themselves, "Oh man, I should not have asked Chuck about marbles... mental note, avoid that topic from now on... I didn't want to talk about them for 2 hours". More than once someone has asked about marbles and before long I'm toting boxes of marbles into the living room lol. I've had dreams about marbles too, and arrowheads.
  3. I have to go to my Masters to do it, but here are two. I could be swayed that any of these were Akro but I have them in my Masters after looking closely at the seams and striations and such. Opinions on that welcome. Some fall into an area that makes it difficult to determine one or the other but usually I can settle on one over the other. The transparent blue one has eyelashes in the blue in the top right photo.
  4. Nice group Stephenb! Here's a few more, including a shooter (the red/yellow swirl). I forget the size on it, close to 3/4" though.
  5. I agree with Vitro, Peltier, Aley Peltier, Peltier. The middle Peltier in the top row is an uncommon one, best one in the group by far IMO.
  6. I'm with Steph, rainbo on this one
  7. I'd call them Alley, Ravenswood, and Alley
  8. Just that particular one looks CAC to me. I have some that match, no pics on file really. It might not be but from here it looks it to me. If it glows, that would help close it to me.
  9. Agree, with CAC at 6:00 in my opinion.
  10. Tough one. If I had to call it something, I guess I'd put it with Ravenswoods because of the top right photo.
  11. This (top photo) is a Blue Lagoon. Congratulations on a rare Peltier! The second one looks like it could be, need more shots. I can't tell if that's damage or inclusions/debris. The one black one does look like a very blurry dark universe, another rare one. I can't say any of the others look like contenders but the photos just don't show the detail crisply enough to pick out the AV except I think I see a silvery AV on one swirl.
  12. I've seen them called Dragon Eye. It's a Pelt. Basically a ruby dragon with a white stripe.
  13. Nice, looks like a Sistersville Alley here!
  14. Oooooh! Nice. Looks real to me but I'm not familiar with the fakes of this type.
  15. It does have a similar seam, you are right. In fact, until more recent years, Vitro helmets were thought to have been made by Akro because the seams are so similar. This, however, is an Akro Tri-color. Very similar seams as you noticed. Something that helps often is that Akro seams normally are both curved like the one in question. Vitro seams often one is curved like that while the other is straight or wavy.
  16. The top left one, which is too blurry to tell, is the one with the most chance of being one as far as I can tell. I can't see AV in the others and they appear to be WV swirls. The center one in the lower row in the lower photo could use more pics too.
  17. That one is killer Paul! I don't think I shared any of these here yet, overlook if any are repeats.
  18. Akro cork, Master Vitro, MK, Pelt swirl, Akro
  19. Here are more. #4 almost looks pelty! Fun uncovering these.
  20. Thanks! Ron, I appreciate so much the tour of the factories and your hospitality! I've been posting the finds under the Heaton topic in Steph's study hall. Headed there to post more now.
  21. Thanks! Marble collecting is like that I guess. Keeps it interesting. I never would have guessed Heaton for several of them either but I can see it in many of them now that I know. The amount of oxblood or similar is amazing.
  22. Heaton cateyes: Vitro I believe Bogard I think Japanese
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