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  1. So I was digging through some Heatons to find an example that I'm sure I have but who knows where, and pulled some out to take a photo of a prominent feature I call the Heaton Ear. Sharing the photo here... most of these are dug from the factory site with a few exceptions that I added. Other makers can have the same pattern and not all Heatons have this pattern but it's another tool in the bag. If you see this pattern and the glass is right, good chance it's a Heaton. Side note: I fixed the broken photobucket links of mine in previous posts that messed up this thread.
  2. Wow, very nice! I saw this one... it came close to coming to my house, lol!!
  3. Here are some of Masters regulars in groups. I like group pics because they help to see general traits rather than specific traits.
  4. Thanks, it's one of my favorites for sure, if not most favorite. edited with retakes, original pictures weren't focused prperly
  5. I wish I knew exactly which pictures I had where before photobucket broke this thread. I'll post some of my kokomos again, along with some new ones.
  6. Excellent Paul, I should have been reading the threads over here and I wouldn't have had to ask you advice a while back! You solved my lighting issues and the locking up problems I was having with the camera was due to the SD card. I switched out to a regular card without WiFi and now it doesn't lock up anymore. I need to use my tripod now and I'll be shooting as well as I need.
  7. They sorta had their regular run colors with the brushed patches (blue, green, amber, light blue, clear) and some of the comets came in regular color combos, but I agree, the higher percentage of Masters found seem to be a fairly random mix of colors instead of anything predictable. I wonder if they just threw whatever color they had convenient in the tanks and let 'er rip? You do see an awful lot of sea green and brown together on them. Anyway, here are some I recently got around to photographing. One with AV in a strip, and one with rare Master oxblood. Dang, I can't make them show up here for some reason... lemme see if I can fix it.
  8. Great one! Merry Christmas!
  9. How about a brushed patch on vaseline glass? I've only ever seen this one.
  10. Sometimes the simplest can be so beautiful. I really like this white on clear simple Master brushed patch. It's just got such a nice pattern.
  11. Here's one I picked up today:
  12. I thought it was really poor character of them to hold all our links that are intertwined throughout years of threads and discussions for ransom... pay $400 or lose all your content in archived threads and everywhere. Classless and greedy. They will not make another dime from me.
  13. Gotta bring Ravenswood back to the top with another blue raven... I really like the transparent blue in this one.
  14. Some nice Akros up there!! I haven't contributed in a while, so here are a couple of new additions:
  15. That thing is amazing Paul! I hate you now. That is all.
  16. cheese

    Less marbles

    1st row across, Akro slag, Master, possibly Alley 2nd row across, Alley inky, Akro cork, need more pics on last... might be a heaton or ravenswood 3rd row, Alley, probably peltier, maybe alley.
  17. cheese

    Group 2

    Welcome! Nice group! Sometimes it takes multiple views of the marbles to ID them. Many of these do not. The first row across: #1 and 2 need more pics, #3 is a very nice Akro with oxblood. 2nd row across: #1 maybe Alley, #2 nd 3, more very nice akros with oxblood. 3rd row across, all very nice Akros, 2&3 with oxblood.
  18. Nice ones! Especially at 7/8"!
  19. deleted bad links from photobucket
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