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  1. A pic with a few of my faves in it. Some aren't in it, but still a good pic.
  2. 1 vote for Akro.
  3. Tight line auger Round and Round, by RATT
  4. I was unaware of patch types from this company. I need to learn more about these, as I'm sure they end up mixed in with other makers in many collections (mine included I imagine). Any pictures of these would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I've got some of those modern MKs with the blue like that too. I think yours might be pelt though Scott. Here are mine, and some other more modern MKs, and those weird pelty looking ones last.
  6. Good to know, I was a little worried when I bought it that it might be an irradiated amber snake since I haven't run across this color in Akro before. Nice examples Paul!
  7. I finally remembered where I found provenance and I dug out a box of unopened bags of bulk marbles from Marble King that were stashed away in my collection. These are the same marbles, not exactly the same batch or colors, but the structure is the same. Near to a pelt, but not quite right. I think the main giveaway on these is that a good many of them are lopsided, with 3 ribbons on one side and one on the other, unlike pelts which normally have two on either side. Some other things worth noting in these bags are the "fenton glass" marbles sold by fenton at the gift shop. I've heard they were made with fenton glass by Marble King, but looking at them in with the rest like these, I believe they are just marbles made by Marble King and have nothing to do with fenton at all other than being sold in their packaging.
  8. I had them in my pelt box for a couple of years but then saw them sold in bulk lots of new marbles somewhere and realized they were something new. I'm trying to find it now, but so far all I get is this, but these are definitely them: http://www.ebay.com/itm/12-NICE-Marble-King-Multi-Colored-Swirl-Marbles-Mint-Like-MILK-GLASS-/182358889200?hash=item2a756fd2f0:g:1msAAOSwPc9WwS1n I bet a lot of them do end up in pelt collections.
  9. I completely agree... I thought all of these were pelts at first. If I'm wrong, let me know.
  10. Here is a group of new MKs and an older one that looks like orange and black, but the dark base is more transparent purple and blue depending on how you hold it, when backlit.
  11. deleted bad photobucket links
  12. Here it is. I've never seen one with transparent purple. Anyone else?
  13. It does. Very nice! I love akros with transparent colored bases. Has anyone ever seen one with a purple transparent base? I have one in transit, will take pics when it gets here.
  14. Cool thread! UV light on a Peltier Green Fizz Radioactive, by Imagine Dragons
  15. This is machine made, the term "cane" is used in reference to handmade marbles. This one is a recent production at Jabo.
  16. Akro or master with small sparkles and fractures that often fool new collectors but there is no lutz in it.
  17. I'd say the top one is not. Maybe a ravenswood or something. The second one could be Akro.
  18. I agree with Paul, looks like a Pennsboro Alley to me.
  19. Dang! More than just a "little extra"
  20. Does adding this one with yours make the "Royal Couple"?
  21. A couple electrics, and some other stuff including some transparents with cullet. I don't own the flame anymore.
  22. Nothing outstanding but clean and appealing to me.
  23. Wow, you have quite a collection of extraordinary alleys Paul!
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