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  1. I have the same color combo, albeit a little different shades, but it has the same problem. It just didn't make the corkscrew it was supposed to make.
  2. I've got some Akro moss agates with aventurine and they look sorta like this but not as transparent in the green, but your one visible seam is very master-y looking . It looks a little filamentous in the mossy base too, so I'm in for Master.
  3. Sometimes I pick up a badly damage marble to toss it in the trash and feel guilty, thinking about how many kids played with it and how many games it was in. Then I remember it's just a hunk of broken glass so I can talk myself into tossing it.
  4. It's not my mintiest superman, but I like this marble and the pic
  5. Bumping this to the top again with St. Mary's Alleys on the left, CAC/Albright on the right.
  6. When I found my Green Fizz, My mind went straight to a sunset, but in green. The Green fizz of mine is larger than most sunsets though, I think around 21/32" or 11/16" Here's one I don't know whether to call a sunset or what... maybe a nuclear sunset? I guess it might be a 7-up, but the color is almost radioactive green. I should check to see if it glows. And then I can't pass up an opportunity to put this pic up, I love looking at it.
  7. Lol, I won't argue that! I stared at it so long, looking for a trait of some kind and you know how the mind does after a while. I have no idea who made it, but who would have put out glass that looks like that? By glass alone, not pattern, I could be convinced it was an akro.
  8. I'm against Vacor too. In the last pic I get a hint of an Akro vibe where the yellow ribbon ends.
  9. Well, I might as well give it up because I'll never find one that nice! That one is the cat's meow for sure, damage or not (I don't see it). Verrry nice.
  10. Here are some of my favorites with red. The alley with translucent clear and snowflakes in the base has brake lens red in it. The ruby slippers are pictured with a green marble to illustrate something else, so just ignore the green one, lol!
  11. Nice! Reminds me of an albino tootsie roll.
  12. Wow, sweet blue AV swirl Paul! I haven't found one of those yet. What are those called, blue spruce?
  13. Wow, some nice ones up there Scott ^^ ! ManofKent, that beauty reminds me of the "mushroom" type. Nice one.
  14. My first impression was a blotchy onionskin cased in clear. Edited: Now I see that it is next to other marbles, so I assume this is 5/8" instead of 1.5 or 2", so it isn't one.
  15. Wow, lotsa color Ric! Nice ones Scott! Here are a few more
  16. Thanks, and likewise! As always, great photos! This one is vitro, but I'm not sure if it qualifies as a blue devil or not. It's the closest I have to one though.
  17. Thanks, I like the ones with clear too. I think that's one reason I like helmets so much. Vitro has good clarity in their transparent glass and the colored glass ruffles and plays in the matrix, making some nice views. I have a few conquerors with some of that chalkiness but wasn't sure whether to call them chalkys or not. They don't have as much as yours though. Here's one:
  18. Nice! Here's a conqueror with a heavy opaque white strip like icing
  19. edited...duplicate post, not sure how it happened
  20. Yeah, I saw yours too Jeeperman... that's a nice one!
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