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  1. LOL! Yes I do see what you did there. While you're drizzling, put some on this hot fudge sundae too please!
  2. Lol...I guess you've seen my facebook pictures of the curing and smoking bacon! I tell ya, that was one of the more rewarding things I've attempted to do.
  3. Well I figured I'd add this one here.
  4. Paul just carpet bombed the Alley thread again!!
  5. Cool, that looks like the same bag. Thanks for hunting it down!
  6. Some cool ones that came out of a mesh bag marked "Marble King".
  7. A transparent purple based rainbo. First I've found.
  8. Same reason any maker would I guess, I have no idea. DAS made them all the way down to 1/2" or so, maybe smaller.
  9. Looks new to me as well, I would think DAS but I'm not that familiar with their runs. It's got orange peel too.
  10. I posted these before photobucket held our pics ransom:
  11. Peltier double ingot... something you don't ever see:
  12. Wow, some sweet pelts! Jerry... I'm beginning to think we have the only "toucans" on the planet. I still haven't seen any other than our three. Surely someone else has one. Here's mine:
  13. Really nice one Paul! The oxblood is thick on that one!
  14. Fixed it Steph. I still had the original pics on file.
  15. I gotta share these, I'm more excited about getting these than I have been about a marble in quite a while. I have had my eyes peeled for a chalky for years and they just don't come up for sale, and suddenly I have three! Also is a nice Sistersville swirl.
  16. The topic is one that I'm very interested in as well, I'm looking forward to any more information that comes about.
  17. Just ran across these on ebay, talk about coincidence. Very interesting. Here is the link and I put the pictures here to be view-able after the listing is gone. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Early-Vacor-Marbles-100-Ct-No-0-Agata-Box-Marble/222796623239?hash=item33dfb6ad87:g:EykAAOSwBp9aXAcR
  18. They made marbles in the 1930s, it would be nice to see some of those if any are known. I've got a lot of '80s vacors and imperials from when I was a kid. I would have expected some of those up there to be imperials (the beachball ones in the mesh and the ones with master looking seams). Vacor made them like those too?
  19. Thanks. I'm pretty sure it's Champ but I get doubtful once in a while. It's just so different. Here's another pretty furnace. Too bad it has the fractures but I think these are hard to find without some fractures:
  20. Nice sistersvilles there Paul! There are a few in this group too...
  21. I've been told this is a type of furnace by most I've shown it to. I agree the colors are very much like the champion furnaces, and I can't imagine what else it might be, so Champ it must be I suppose. It's one of my most beautiful marbles, if not the most. I've seen one CAC with colors very much like this on black base glass, so there's a chance this doesn't belong here I suppose.
  22. Yeah, especially the Cairos and Heatons. And Cairos have a C shape pretty often and so do Heatons... so our job can be pretty impossible sometimes.
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