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  1. I like the cream and coffee colored mibs!
  2. Sure did, pretty often in the 1980s. We played for keeps and I was good, it's how I got started enjoying marbles. I would seek out the ones I wanted for my collection in the ring and get them as often as I could. The good old days when we played marbles, cops and robbers, tag, hide and seek, and rode on our bikes and skateboards instead of playing video games all day and staying glued to the TV.
  3. Some of these are pictured here elsewhere, but grouped together, that's a lot going on! I think I have one veliglass mixed in here.
  4. Here are a few dug ones. Some before cleaning just because dirty dug marbles are so cool!
  5. Cool, I love the heavy metallics of all makers. Heavy metal marbles?
  6. Lol, I think those were made by eaton. (no H )
  7. Nice.. a lotta marbles can fit in that thing! I'll go with 777
  8. The transparent one? I think that's just dirt/clay from when it was dug in the cold rolls.
  9. And this group that was dug at the factory site (except for the 3 down the left side):
  10. Yeah. the red and black ones are htf.
  11. Not sure if the black helmet has been posted before or not. The left one is opaque, on the right one you can get a bit of dark olive light through it.
  12. Sweet! I started to bid on that blue one but it looks like it is better off over at your place with the rest of it's family
  13. Nice stuff! Here are some swirls I have. No super heavy hitters but a nice group none-the-less. There might be an alley or two in here and the yellow looking one on the right might be an Akro, hard to tell.
  14. Here are some like the fractured one you posted Steph. From what I hear, they are pretty rare and I think I was told they are named "royal purple" and only dug...if I remember right.
  15. A few other recent alleys, including a tater-bug.
  16. Nice ones! This one is a bit worse for the wear, but I had to keep it... because how often do you run across a large Alley shooter with lutz/black AV?
  17. Some nice ones added here recently... love that last one you posted Scott! Here's on I got recently from a friend. It's the only old marble I have from any maker with both aventurine AND metallic.
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