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Sad Loss In The Marble World....


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I've just received a forwarded email to Lloyd Huffer, from Larry's email....

Lloyd and Chris, I regret to inform you that Larry died on Dec. 4th. He got some kind of infection and didn't have enough immune system to fight it. It took him very fast, a matter of hours.

That marble show in the sky just keeps getting better!!!

My heart goes out to Larry's family and closer friends... I always enjoyed the few short times we met, or communicated from a distance... He was a wonderful man.... I always thought I'd see him again, one day....


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Although I did not know Larry, we had exchanged just a few e-mails when he had gotten ill and had been hospitalized. He seemed like such a cordial and genuine fella. This is sad news indeed.

My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.


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Here is a message I received from Larry a while ago. We can all rest assured that he is happy and healthy now in the hands of the Father.

He may not give you every thing you ask for, I assure you He gives you every

thing you need. Deep thanks for your prayers. God bless and keep sharing the

joy of him. Larry Castle

God Bless you and yours this Christmas season.

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Unlike a number of the other posters in this thread, I had known Larry since the early 80's. We bumped into each other for many years at Marble Shows all over the USA. When he put on the infamous Utah Marble Show, I was able to visit him at his home in Ogden.

Larry Castle was an arrogant, opinionated know it all, a smart alec & one helluva craftsman. He collected some real oddball stuff. His personal collections included some very peculiar marbles and some equally obscure underground comic books. Larry & I sat on different sides of the fence on many controversial subjects- not the least of which was marble polishing. :Happy_143: He always debated his point of view with fierce conviction.

All these things endeared him to me & I loved him for his unique personality.


We all owe Larry a debt of gratitude for his pioneering work in the area of identifying & classifying machine made marbles.

Thanks for everything Larry. We'll all miss you.

I'm Hip,


Lloyd Huffer

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Thanks, Lloyd, for your remembrance of Larry Castle; it makes him a real person for those of us who hadn't met him.

I've been grateful for the catseye research and the book he and Marlowe Peterson published, not only for the information and pictures but because they didn't let popular perception of the despised catseye stop them from bringing attention to some beautiful marbles.

With respect for every one of the marble-lovers who care enough to further marble knowledge and enable their fellow collectors, (and you know who you are),


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I could never understand why Catseyes are despised by some collectors. The first marble I ever bought from Marblealan, back in March '05 (I think) were two multicolor Vitro Catseye shooters, one of them is my eBay avatar.

I'm glad Larry wrote a book about them, though I haven't read the book...yet.

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