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Structure Fun - Ron!?


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Here's an Alley pistachio and .... ? I don't know what but Alley wouldn't be my first guess.


Yet they look almost identical .... in a way. lol . . . Their ribbon pattern is very much alike.

The triangular loop in front and then a stalk below it and two arms branching out of the stalk.


The arms on the pistachio are different lengths. One is long and loops back toward the base of the marble. The arms on #2 are both long and reach around to the back of the marble where one folds over the other.


They both have a little eye in back. But on mib #2 the eye is a little higher than on the pistachio, so it didn't show up automatically when I did the mostly 90 degree rotations for this series of pix. The odd pic on the top right is a pic of the eye. I borrowed it from another photo series.

(click to enlarge)


The mystery mib has quite a bit of color. At least orange and green and teal and white and clear. Here's another pic which might show colors better. Now I've misplaced the mib so I can't be more precise but take it for granted that my pix wash the colors out.

. . . . .

Something_morecolor_b.jpg . . . . . Something_morecolor_b_150.jpg

I don't know why but I totally dig this ribbon pattern.

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Guest FeelingMarbleous

Sorry Steph, i didn't even see you ask :P

To be honest i really couldn't tell ya or even try and guess,

what ever it is i like it, it looks like a hybrid Alley Champ Ravens CAC LOL

But in all actuality i have some Jabos over here that have similar patterns...

So who knows ??????

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It's been IDed as a Jabo before, but so has the Alley. I posted them together the first time. That's when I first heard the immortal phrase, "Buttcracks don't lie".

Then I posted the pistachio in a different thread and got a Cairo ID because of the little eye in back. It is an Alley though. Slam dunk. The dug Pennsboros Ron sent nailed it solidly.

I think this one is a Cairo though.

Two days ago I was leaning uncertainly toward Champion. Then last night I saw something last night in a pic from Alan's site which made me think "maybe Cairo". So that pointed me to the Cairo section of AMMM and got me looking closer than I had before. Got me looking closely into the case on p. 57. And I think I might see a match for my marble. The pic is dark, and the marbles are small, so it doesn't stand out. But I think it could be a match.

Even if that particular one isn't a match, it has strong similarities. I'm seeing more similarities in the Cairos than I've seen in anywhere else.

Here is the Cairo I saw last night. It came from Alan's old site. The colors don't seem to blend as much in mine as they do here but I think the shades are similar. I still don't know where mine is, so I can't doublecheck, but I think it's very close.

th_14_marblealan.jpg CairoRainbowColors.jpg

If you have AMMM and want to check that case on p. 57, the marble which I think looks like mine is about one-third of the way from the right edge and a little more than half of the way from the top.

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But in all actuality i have some Jabos over here that have similar patterns...

I've seen patterns I would call the "same" in at least 4 companies, and at least "similar" in still others.

The "same" ones which I have provenance for are Alley, Champion, Cairo and Jabo.

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Maybe I'm wrong.

Mine glows brightly. It is an Alley shade. It's darker in hand than in the photo. But it is not as dark as the right hand side of these two candidates for pistachio which I asked about in another thread.


Most of the seasoned collectors who voted specifically did vote for the right hand side and I'llhavethat1 voted for even darker. Plus, the darkness of the ribbons was stressed and my ribbons obviously aren't dark.

I think I got fixed on the idea that mine was in the ballpark and I didn't really register who was stressing the darker shades.

Okay, I will stop calling it a pistachio. It's still an Alley though! ^_^

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I may not get what you mean.

Cairo ribbons aren't always on the surface. This one seems to be mostly on the surface though, and the start and finish are what caught my eye from the beginning.

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Monitor settings do play a huge part when it comes to interpret colors over a computer. Could be flash setting too

The first picture in the first post looks almost brown & tan on my screen. Maybe a washed out pistachio? But there's always going to be different shades of blue, different shades of orange and different shades of pistachio...Copyof102_9054_edited-1.jpg

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It is a tough one. I think it is one of the better Cairo Novelty. Most have the C or S swirl and the other side blank,but not all,not the better ones. They will have the swirl all around. Correct you will see some of the same pattern in those four companies,then you go by color,amount of clear or no clear,glass quality,sometimes size helps. Some swirls will never be 100% positive to one single company,but many can be. Just like your tater bugs,the questionable ones,set them aside for a while,and come back later. Many get matched to a company with time and patience. You may not have the marble but you have the picture. When not sure of one,go to the next,there are plenty more. Then come back to it later. Alley would be my second choice. Yes,Jabo is not the only one that has butt crack traits,just more numbers of them. Many Jabos old and newer,especially the older ones have Cairo Novelty traits. Many Jabos have the C & S pattern,many Cairo have the butt crack,many Jabos have the V vitro pattern. The Jabos follow many of the older traits,because of the mix of equipment from the older companies. In hand usually you can tell the difference of old and newer.

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Cool. I feel strangely confident about it. But I do wish i could see inside that Cairo Novelty case!

any chance of "better Cairo Novelty" on this one of Rhonda's? The 3 comparison mibs are dug examples from Alan's old site. Hers was the mib I was focusing on when I noticed the colors in that one of Alan's.

(click to enlarge)

TealHook_50pct.jpg . . . . . . . . . . . . . CairoRainbowColors.jpg

p.s. Cairos were not single stream, correct? coz of a separate tank for color?

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