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More Tribute To Friendship Marbles

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These marbles are in no particular order. Not in order of prettiest, my favorites, or any other - just which jar I picked up.


marble # 1 The marble is on a champagne pink base. The patch is green mica, very dark green like hunter green. One in this pic has oxblood also. I'll show better ones later. These are 5/8th inch.



Marble # 2 Pink champagne base, a white patch with ribbons of blue, ox, and some have lutz. these are peewees



Marble # 3 Transparent red base, stripes of green, pink, Many of them have a pink "V". They look like vitro marbles. 5/8 "



Backside of marble # 3. You can see lines of goldstone.


Marble # 4

Transparent red base glass, stripes of blue, white, red - seams. Some of this family almost look like marble king. peewees and 5/8 "


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Marble 5 All marbles from here on are 3/4 inch unless otherwise noted.

the base of the marble is champagne pink. the patch is green aventurine with oxblood. Some of them have blue aventurine and some blue stripes in more than one shade. there is a little white in the form of threadiness. It's one of my favorite marbles.


Marble 6 is on a transparent base with heavy green aventurine floating inside along with some white threadiness.


Marble 7 is on a yellow base with ribbons of oxblood that look like flames. It has other ribbons in a purplish color. Another one of my favorites


Marble 8 has a white base with baby blue ribbons flecked with mica and red ribbons that range from tomato red to a darker red. They also look like flames.


marble 9 is transparent clear based. The mica floating is very thin. Marble 6 is noticeably darker and heavier with aventurine.

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Marble 11 is on a transparent clear base. There are swirls of green mica and oxblood threads inside the marble.


Marble 12 is on a transparent base with red oxblood threads, some white, and very thin green mica. It's similar to marble 11, but has less mica and thinner threads of oxblood.


Marble 13 is transparent based with gold lutz. Looks sort of red in the pics but it definitely is gold. This marble has been named "Duffy's Gold" in honor of Steve Pletcher. Steve blew the lutz mist on our marbles. Ron Shepherd named this marble.


Marble 14 is clear transparent base with swirls of white, green mica, and red oxblood.

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marble 15 White floater base, green aventurine ox



marble 16 is 5/8 inch. A previous marble with the same look is a peewee. This is the lutz version and you can see it in my pics on some of them.


marble 16 no lutz. Some of them are tornadoes, just like the peewees

Marble 17 has been removed. It is part of another family already in this list.


Marble 18 is white base glass with ribbons of red, and two shades of brown, some have green mica.

HEADS UP! Weldon and I have been going through the marbles and putting some boxes together. I discovered Lutz in this marble. I have found some blown on, some from goldstone rods made by Sammy Hogue (it runs along a tan ribbon) and some from the man made rocks called goldstone.


Marble 19 looks like a Christmas tree. The base is white with ribbons of red and green. This marble is named "Avalon" in honor of Russ Meaux's new grand daughter. Russ named the marble with permission.


Marble 19 also. the green is slightly different, but they are the same family.


Marble 20 This marble has been named "Edith Irene" in memory of Ron Shepherd's mother. We knew before the run that a marble would be named for her.

Ron chose this one because of the friends involved.

Dave set the tank and then added the green aventurine.

Sammy Hogue made the colored rods.

Ed Parsons was pushing the orange rods.

Ron Shepherd was pushing the pink rods.

Steve Pletcher (Duffy) was blowing the goldstone on some of the marbles.

Dale Simmons and Bill McCaleb were watching quality and telling the rest what was happening.

Bruce Burkhart (Triker) was padding them into the bucket.

Richard McKnight and Ronnie Ewers were at the machine.

The very best ones have the pink blush and the goldstone on the outside. Not all of them have these exact features. Ron Shepherd

In my opinion (which doesn't count for much) this is the prettiest of the run. Edna

marble 20 without lutz


marble 21 has a white floater base with ribbons of red, black, dark green mica, even some oxblood. It also has goldstone.


marble 21 without goldstone (lutz)

More marbles tomorrow. Thanks for looking. Edna

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Does 21 have black or dark blue? The Hod,nickname for Howard Powell,is a white floater base with the green mica,brown,and a somewhat dull or burnt red,some have lutz,some do not. It is close to #21 but no black or dark blue. I do not see a Hod yet.

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From what you sent me last night, I know it isn't # 15. I am thinking more and more that it is #21. I looked at that marble again and the part I thought was black is a mixture of green aventurine and oxblood so it looks dark and without a really good light, it looks black. Keep looking and let me know. the red part does look very red and the base is a white floater. Edna

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More Tribute to Friendship Marbles


Marble # 22 This marble is on an off white base with dark red ribbons and medium blue ribbons. The blue ribbons have lines of blue aventurine.


Marble # 23 has a light tan base with red ribbons and blue/gray ribbons that are a very pale blue.


Marble # 24 has an opaque off white base with green aventurine ribbons, red ribbons, and some also have oxblood ribbons. The green mica is an olive green and some have the gold stone that is

embedded in reddish brown glass.


Marble # 25 has yellow base glass with ribbons of olive green, and ribbons that appear to be pale lavender. They are a few flecks of mica in the olive green ribbons.


Marble # 26 has a yellow base brighter than # 25. It has green mica ribbons, orange ribbons, and those same lavender appearing ribbons. Nice look to this one!

More pics to come. Edna

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I meant the ones with the champagne base. I guess. I haven't seen the base color on all of them, but I presume it's champagne. I said red white blue because I focused on the ribbon colors. Some of the transarent red ribbons there are where I found lutz hiding. I'm not sure I've found it all. Need to change the setting. Put them on white paper instead of the more reflective bubble wrap.

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Marble # 27 This marble is on a white floater base with ribbons of green mica, red ribbons, coral pink ribbons, and the prettiest ones have oxblood ribbons (all the reddish ribbons are grouped together in narrow ribbons and swirl about on the surface). There is goldstone in some.


Marble # 27 with goldstone.

This seems a good place to talk about Lutz or goldstone. In some of the families of marbles there may be goldstone in the marble which came about because :

1. A lutz (or goldstone mist) was blown onto the marble as the molten glass was streaming down

2. One of Sammy's goldstone rods was inserted into the molten stream

3. The below was added.


This is goldstone. It gets added in a different manner and it shows up as ribbons of reddish brown glass with gold flecks in it. For me, it is the most difficult to find as it is darker and mixed with the reddish brown glass. It is not uncommon to find more than one kind of goldstone in a single marble.


Marble # 28 is a yellow based marble with lavender ribbons and orange ribbons.


Marble # 29 has the same pale yellow base as # 28. The orange ribbons are much darker and it has the lavender ribbons that often mix with the orange ribbons



Marble # 30 is named "Hod" in honor of Howard Powell. Howard is the president of the West Virginia Marble Collectors Club and a retired glass worker. The marble is on a white floater base. It has ribbons of brown, green mica, and red. In the photo above you can see two kinds of our goldstone application. The three marbles on the bottom row, right hand side have lines of goldstone. The next row (middle row) has goldstone blown on it, and if my camera skills were better you would see some that have the reddish brown glass with goldstone in it. This is the marble that Ron Shepherd and Steve Sturtz and Julia Powell named.


Marble # 30 closer up. You can easily see two types of application of goldstone here.


I am jumping ahead here to show this beautiful marble.

This is Marble #34. It has been named "Mylee" in honor of David McCullough's granddaughter. We asked David to pick the marble. It is one of my top 5 favorites. The marble is on a white base with ribbons of red and ribbons of blue aventurine. The aventurine covers the entire ribbon.

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Marble # 31 is on an off white base with ribbons of transparent red and ribbons of brown..



Marble # 32 is on a white base. It has ribbons of transparent red, green mica, and brown. Ed Parsons named this marble "Edna Ross". The above has lutz mist blown on by Steve Pletcher.


Marble # 32 without lutz

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Yes #30 is the HOD for Howard Powell. This one #30 and #32 Edna Ross are similiar but side by side or in hand the difference can be seen. Also like #20 Edith Irene and #27 are similiar but side by side they are different. The marbles named after or for someone is a honor,a tribute and VERY VERY much appreciated. But don't let the names worry or confuse you,as always collect what you like,and you will be happy with your selections.

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Marble # 33 has a white base with green mica ribbons, brown ribbons, red ribbons.


Marble # 33 with goldstone. Same marble as above but added goldstone.


Marble # 35 has a transparent base with very heavy green mica. Some of the marbles are so thick with mica that they appear to be solid mica. A few have small pieces of oxblood that looks like they are in the process of being goldstone turning to oxblood.

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This section will be the last of the families of Tribute to Friendship. The marbles I previously stated were 5/8 - actually are not. Dave set the machine to make a size never done as JABO Classics before. Ron Shepherd knows the details. I'll just say they are a little smaller than 5/8 inch. These marbles are definitely not my favorites. I just prefer the shooter size. These are small and don't get my attention as much as the previous marbles. I'll note sizes as i post.


Marble # 36

There are several different marbles that I included in this sample of a jar. They are smaller than 5/8 inch. All are variations of red, white, and blue.


Marble # 37 is on a yellow base with ribbons of varying shades of brown - not much of a looker. It is 3/4 inch.


Marble # 38 These are peewees and are red white and blue. The pattern on them is very reminiscent of Vitro Agate "whities". There is a red ribbon halfway about the marble and then a blue patch ribbon the other half. There are two white "eyes" at each pole of the marble. I didn't get very many of these so I suspect they are rare.


Marble # 39 - not much different from 36 and possibly the same marble family. Just added this to show more variation in the red, white, and blues.


Marble # 40 - blue and whites, smaller than 5/8 inch - my least favorite marble. Lots of blue aventurine in these - dark blue.


Marble # 41 These are also smaller than 5/8 inch and are not much to look at. I have a feeling these are going to magically appear on the ground at schools and parks. LOL all of this type are red, white, and blue.

That's all the families I received in my boxes. There may be more in the possession of other team members. There always have been. JABO's vary so much and we are discovering between us marbles we didn't know existed because some of us have marbles others don't have. I have some that Dave McCullough and Dale Simmons don't have and they have some I don't have. Ron Shepherd and Steve Sturtz discovered they each have some the other doesn't have. Thanks for looking. The new boxes have arrived and I'll be busy the next few weeks making more Last Dance and Friendship boxes. Contact me if you need a box. Edna

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