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David Chamberlain's Email Addy!!

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Thank you for the bump yesterday. You reminded me to keep all up to date on David's computer/chat board progress.

To date he has recieved a number of emails and said ( in a phone call) he has responded to all.

As recently as last week,he again said, even if he were computer literate, he would probably not post on the chat boards

He has learned how to join chat boards and has made a number of posts on JABO Land. We look forward to David "Brassy" gracing us with his posts here in the near future and hope this board becomes a regular haunt for him.

We are pleased to see an old guy like him move into the 21st Century. Congrats David! We look forward with baited breath to hearing the avoir du pois and magic of your word.

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:Emoticon-jawdrop: :Emoticon-jawdrop: :Emoticon-jawdrop: :Emoticon-jawdrop: :Emoticon-jawdrop:

I NEVER thought I'd see this day!!!! ROFL

(David, that means Rolling On the Floor Laughing.... Your probably the very last person on Earth to learn this!!! )


And... Congratulations!!! Bert Cohen has been using emails for years now, but he hasn't figured out how to join a chat board, yet!!! LOL

(At least, that's what he says!! ;) )

Sue Cooper

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