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**wow** April 2 & 3, 2009 Jabo Joker Ii Run

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I have followed all of the Jabo Experimental Special Runs and all of them have introduced some beauties. I have several examples and love them all. This new 2009 Jabo Joker II run (April 2&3) is absolutely outstanding and IMHO equals or even surpasses the Jabo Joker I run. Get some, I think you will be pleased.




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Monday 4/13/2009

Gotta say that from the photographs on this thread that the 2009 Joker II's look like they have the potential of the 2008 Joker I's. Much similiar

in swirling movement but richer in color. Obviously I'll have to have some! I'm going broke buying these marbles! David Chambverlain

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