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Metallic Peltier Miller Rebel ?!?!

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I see nothing Jabo about it. I got this in a cigar box ebay lot that included two NLR Tigers, a 1 Inch Peach Slag, CA Slags, multiple Alley Flames, Clays, Akro Patches, Master Sunbursts, Etc. and no other Jabo stuff, not even a Catseye.

Often metallic says Champ, but I do see Pelt cues in the yin/yang pattern, plus surface bubbles, and the colors are Rebelish to the max.

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I have seen burnt Christmas Trees, the green was still translucent to a point and not ever opaque black.

Some black glass I use will look metalic when heated just so, could this be a similar result? looks to be a bit of blending of the red and black also? that could give a burnt green/brown appearance.

Nice marble whatever you wish to call it.

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