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Take A Journey With Griff


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Here is the rules for my photo's,and my post.

Everyone can copy them for there personal use. This does not include re-posting on ANY internet site.(see below)

You may copy my post and photo's in its entirety for use on Marble Mental, Land of Marbles, Jabo Land, Marvelous Mibs, with absolutely no editing,and the same rules apply. If you wish to use them on any other site,you need my permission.

If you would like to use my photo's, in any publication, book or news letter, contact me, BEFORE, they are used in such a manor.

The West Virginia Marble club has my permission to use any photo's,for there news letter,web site,show fliers,and or, future advertisements,with the only condition being acknowledgment.


Had to "fuel up" in Bridgeport,WV,on the way in for the Cairo,Marble Festival


Jr Ice and Dean Six,getting things ready.


Hey Walt,I think this is one of those "priceless" moments.


Nice kisses.Some of those marbles,have a grateful dead look too them.


Some of the necklaces that Brian and Lisa Shenk make,with Davis marble buttons.


WOW!!!!What a display!!!!!!!!!!!Remember any of the kites?




"Hod",Howard and Julie Powell,and I think there must be a Davis family reunion going on,


Andy Davis.Im always glad to see him,out and about.


Im tellin you,they are everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!


Greg Lewis,from Fredrick,"Hey Griff,are you ever gonna get done with my dollar bin?"


F.Eddie Seese,sellin like Breakfast burritto's,at a marble show!!


A little show action,,,,,,,,


This is "Smitty's",brother Darrel.I think he has another brother named Darrel,too.


The "Park" diet,(better watch them fingers!)


Demonstrating proper technique,,,


It is very similar to the diet,from a year ago,,,,


I think there are Davis's,everywhere,huh Duffy?


Great candles!All kinds of colors,,,,,,,


Doin' a little shoppin'are yah there,Julie?


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After the Cairo marble festival,I headed up to Paden City,WV,for a few days of fishing,

with my friend Scott Kanneg.My ohio river,jinx set in,1 day after I touched the fishing pole.

The river came up,6 feet in 6 hours,and only had limited options for fishing.

There is a platform,3 feet,under the post,in this photo,and the river is only half way done,rising,


The dam,at New Martinsville,,,,


Yep,this is just terrible,sitting along the river,having to enjoy the day,maybe catch some fish,

goofin off and such,,,,,,,,,,,,,


A little action,,,,,,,,


"Aint him purdy"---It did not taste like chicken!!!!!!!


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Ok,its off to Vienna,WV,for the marble show!


Big John Ives.His hand make a diet pepsi can,look like a shot glass!!


Left to right,Frank Sellers,Sammy Hogue,Danny Grockie,and Bruce Burkhart.


This photo reminds me of the last supper,for some reason.I think it is for the hotel and ball room,,,


Hey,Edna,you better watch that kid on your left,I think he's up to some mischief,,,,,,,


Presenting David with the cake,,,


Steve Sturtz,"Now where did I put that pork chop?"


Kevin Plummer,




Hey Bob,are you gonna list that jabo?


Duffy told me there was a rumor,that Berry Pink,had seen this license plate,in paden city.



Howard And Julie Powell.Just love her hand painted marbles,,,everyone should have 2,,,





The kids playing marble at the show,,,,,,



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After the marble show in Vienna,I went home to PA for 3 days,and then back out to Jabo,for the marble run.Smitty was kind enough to invite me to come out and play.Had a blast!!!They made some killers too!

This is inside one of the tunnels,that passes through the mountains,on the PA turnpike.Ive seen them sooooo many times.


I had a couple of minutes to "smell the roses",but I couldnt find any.These will do.


Here are some of the things,that might save the human race from self,extinction.


Rick Hall and Steve Smith,doing a lttle inspection during the tank wash.


Great colors!---my photo does not do the marbles any justice.


Rick,feeding some multiple rods into the stream,,,,



Some more inspecting,,,,



Smittys creation,blowing frit into the stream,,,,


Searching for some color,,,,,,


Scott and Rick,,,I can see the wheels turning,,,,,


Feeding a "noodle",into the stream,,,


Hey Griff,didnt them camera batteries run out yet??



I captures the jabo ghost on camera!!!!


I followed it outside and found it,sweeping the floor of an old train car,out back,,,,,,,,,spooky!!


Is it virginia mica?


Or is it vermont mica?



Here kitty kitty,,,,,,,


Nice kitty,,,,,,


Kitty,your makin me a little nervous now,,,,,,,,,


Your gonna spoil your dinner,with all those frito's,,,,



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After leaving the marble run,I headed home to Pa,and was there for 3 hours.I managed 2 hours sleep,and jumped back in the chevy,for a 6+ hour drive,to Brimfield,Mass.for the antique show.

Normaly,I would have been there all week,but being able to be at another marble run had the priority.After all,Brimfield antique show is 3 times a year.

I spent 6 hours there,trying to cover as much as possible,and short visits with many friends.

I did manage to buy a couple marbles,and sell a few.

I think its the largest antique show in this country.You could easily spend the week,and not see it all.



Big Al,on the right and my buddy,Tommy.He didnt care for fish,until I started cooking it for him.

This is where I hang out,when I go up to the show for the week.There is a whole gang of us the make supper every night.Great friends from all around the world.Canadians,africans,germans,americans,englishmen,,,,all hanging out together having a great time,playing folk music,eating like kings,sampling differant wines,and telling stories,,,,,,life IS good!!!


Mike Gallant,checkin out the new jabo book,,,,,,


The things you see,out on the road,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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So now its off to the South portland maine marble show.


A couple of the locals,saying "hi",,,,,,just kidding,Rich Stremme,in the passenger seat(Brooklyns Best)Pat is the driver(cape cods best),and Bill Blaire in the back.We all played,show me your evil french fry,,,,,,,,


Dave ,on the right was disqaulified,for holding up the wrong french fry.Gary Stetson,on the left,got a bonus point for holding up an additinal french fry.



"Scoop",Sue,got her french fry confiscated by Steve Sturtz.He handed it off to me,and I knew what to do with it!


This photo,is a little scary.It had to be inspired by some kind of evil!!


And there it is!I got rid of the evil french fries!!!!!



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The things you see,while out and about,,,,,,,,how cool is that??!!!


Had to get some fuel,on the way over to my friends house.Found this one in Laconia,NH.

My fortune cookie said,"You eat too much,you leave now!"


Realy nice landlocked salmon,,,,


A couple of nice white perch,,Wanna guess who caught the biggest one,hu,come on,guess,,,,,


My buddy,Jeff Ziegler with a nice one,,,


Another tasty critter for the live well,,,,,


Had a little accident,while trolling,,,,,,,,


Cant hardly see it,but there is an ultra lite,with pontoons on it,,,,just dont see that every day,,,


Now thats a buffet!


Squam lake,,,,,,,,,,nope,I aint giving up the exact location.You will just have to go there and find it yourself,,,,that would be a terrible thing,to have to do,,,,,,


Another nice one,,,,,,


HOLLY COW,,,,no,,,,HOLLY MOLLY,,,no no,that aint it----FILLET AND RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Peta,is this one of them sea kittens?----They sure are tasty,,,,,


MMMMMMMMMMMMMM,Jumbo perch by the bucket full!!!


Here are some of the goodies I picked up,in NH,just before,coming home,,,,,









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Thanks for the tour Griff- I feel like I was there. Those are some Nice fish!

Do you really think it's fair to flash a catch of Perch like that to a guy with no fish left in the freezer?

Now you've done it- You talked me into it ( and I talked the missus into staying home ) - it would be foolish not to cast a line today. It's a little rainy and a perfect time for fish catching. I'm off for a little pond fishin'. Too bad you're not closer, you could join the fun. McGregor's pond is loaded with Perch & Largemouth Bass.

No time for typing-gonna go fishin'


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Wow Griff it sure is a hard life ain't it!!??!??

Great Pics

And as a side note.......Where the heck was I???? Cause I didnt see any marble's being played at Vienna.....oh well not the first time or the last time Ive been wrong about something....a pics worth a thousand words.................the room is empty????No tables? was it in the same room?..

And why are you feeding those pigeons???............................LOL

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Ive been multi-tasking for years,and it doesnt involve a computer.

The month of may,I was home for 3 days and 3 hours.

Im glad I inspired you,LLoyd to step out and do something he loves.Im sure it didnt take that much of a "push" though.-LOL

I could put you on my list for fillets,but you are second after G Langley,but nobody gets any until my qouta is met.Lets see,52 weeks in the year,fish twice a week,come out to,I gotta go fishing some more!!!!YEEEEE_HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

At the West Virginia show,3/4 of the table had vendors,general public traffic was light,at best.I sold enough to cover my expenses,plus a little jingle in my pocket.I got to buy some nice marbles for resale.All of that is good,but not my priority.

The real deal for me is,I got to hang out with good friends,had a great time doing it,and as a bonus,there was a marble named after me,and I was gifted a cheese cake.THANKS CHUCK AND DIANE!

If money becomes first priority for me,I lost it and Im done.

I head right to the sushi bar at those places.Dont do much greens,when Im in a place like that.

My defanition of "salad",is that little piece of parsley they garnish that 3 lb t-bone with!

The racoon is safe and sound in Reno,but I do have a crock pot it would have fit in.

Them funny looking pigeons taste like oily fish!!!They aint no dummys.If you toss them a marble,they just look at it for a second,and then come back demanding french fries.

Ill do some more editing,and add some more pics,probably sunday evening.Im loading up to go set up at a local fleamarket.

These types of threads that I do are always dedicated to my father,who I lost to ms,at an early age.

I can only hope that there are others that can understand the message Im sending out,,,,,,,,,,,

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Get out there and do something you love,before its too late,,,,,,,,,

It doesnt have to be a big trip,or even leave the house,just something you might have put off.

Call an old friend,send someone a card,give a sandwich to someone whos hungry.It doesnt matter what it is,just break away for a moment,be grateful for being here,for the short time we all have.

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thanks for the pics griff...your spot at the hydro is one of my favorites.....and to think i haint been fishin in a looooog time....its only a couple miles from my house.....i can see the courthouse from where im sittin now....i really do think that berry pink coulda seen that license plate..lololololol.....i think me and charley brown musta stuck that alox kite with the cowboy on it up in a tree as many times as i flew it........i remember that one from less complicated times .......that cheese cake was da bomb..... the kids tourny didnt start til around 1400....they prob showed up around 1330 or so.......they was in another tourney for the schools that day ......that one kid there was ranked in the top 5 nationally..and hes won some big money [scolarships]with his skills.....he was there with the director and could really put the english on his shooter...he was prob 12 or 13...there was a girl there too that was highly ranked.....the little kids showed promise....

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Griff, That was a fun road trip! Life is Short! I read this early but had to help my friend with a yard sale. I was thinking about what you had said about doing something. I came to a long signal that lasted forever, so I turned into a parking lot that had a carnival going on! So it was a beautiful day to go on the Ferris Wheel then the Merry Go Round! Then I had Cotton Candy! I had a blast all by myself! Thanks Griff!

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Hey Duffy,next time Im out,Ill have to make you take a break,,,,,,,,do you think Ill have to twist your arm,,,,,much?

Coolbrezz ,you got it,THERE IT IS!!There is only one problem with it.Now,the next time I see cotton candy,Ill think of your post,and have to have some.Thats some vicious circle you created there,,,--LOL

I'llhavethat1---I will need the gps location.Will you be in a Lund,Tacker,Whaler,Trollin',jiggin,WHAT?TELL ME TELL ME!!!!Ive never met a walleye I didnt like,,,,,,,with a little ritz cracker breading,and a spritz of old bay------or possibly a light ginger sauce ;)

Hey Steph,Yep,only good friends can play the french fry game,,,,,,,,,,,,


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