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Master Marbles Appreciation Thread

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This should be a good learning and sharing thread. Yes i know this has probably been covered a gazillion times, but it's funner when it's interactive and not just lurking on the board searching old threads.

I think Masters go over looked to often and are low on the totem pole for most collectors. You rarely see Masters get up there value wise ( even though some should be worth more than they are). I know some of the known Master collectors know a lot about them but they never share any info, which is there business but it's one of the company's i have yet to get familiar with and think it's time i do. They always tend to never leave my collection, i been stock piling Masters since day one, and just can't get rid of them. Although i did sell that Box Set i had ( kicks self in butt)

Steph, your help will be greatly appreciated in this thread as you probably have a lot of stuff you can add on the subject, and if anyone else is willing to participate it would greatly appreciated.

Maybe we can start this one off with something like what ones are common what ones are rare what color combos are htf and maybe we can cover how similar Master and Akro's are and why that is. Was there ever any digs at the plants ?

But first here's a pic of one my favorite Masters. This doesn't have to be a strictly Info thread, please post your favorites as well!


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I appreciate the props, Kev, but as most of the stuff I'd contribute is already posted in other threads, hopefully others will post some fresh material!

nowhere near enough master appreciation threads. glad you started this one. :-)

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Today's favorite marble.......WE will call it FRIDAY!

It's a TRUE beaut! I wouldn't have thought Master. Is that oxblood?

aw heck, might as well mention the other one which has made me wonder. Kevin, why do you say Master on the green one. Just asking. I don't actually recognize it one way or the other.

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the main reason ive had it with my masters and think it is one, is because of that one on Alans page, in hand it looks Mastery, and the seams do to but the base ? i dunno i could be wrong, i just didn't really know where else to stick it lol the batch that it came in did not have one single new mib in it so i know it's not new, and this isn't one of those "are you sure one didn't sneak in" cuz im positive !

Alans description: Some Sunburst-like marbles with a colored transparent base have been identified as Master marbles. One type that has been called "Crab Claws" has a transparent green base and yellow filaments and strands. These appear to be rather scarce.

Heres the pic he posted..


It's hard to get inside the matrix of mine, but there are yellow strands that are spread out sunburst like...


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Charles, that's just rude!!!


What a tease, showing that whole group and then not saying a word. NOTHING!!!

Not even a "might trade for 2 first born, 2 legs and all your retirement". LOL!!!!


Thats funny :lol:

Just went back and looked at the pictures again, that is one fine group of Masters that Charles has. Ric's got some nice marbles there and it looks like Okie and Big John are serious about their Masters as well. Great thread Kevin!



Okay, I'm done.

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