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Jabo Joker Rainbow Marbles...wow!!


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Jabo, Inc. Plant Manager David McCullough and his crew recently re-configured the furnace, increasing the number of striking-glass capabilities. The changes greatly advanced the experimental marble-making possibilities.

On Wednesday, October 21, the Jabo Joker team accepted the challenge. After the Jabo Joker team chose the quality Opaque White base glass and numerous striking colors, well-known north-coast landscape artist Frank Homitz planned and applied those colors. The whole run produced beautiful marbles with full 360 degree coverage. These multi-color marbles contain as many as 7 colors. All the partners, along with several area marble collectors, including most of the original Jabo Joker team, took care of the job assignments for the entire 12 hours. After they saw the marbles, they voted and chose the name Jabo Joker Rainbow marbles. Many thanks to David McCullough, Richard McKnight, and Ron Ewers for their expert work. All of the Jabo Experimental runs have produced beautiful marbles. Here is the latest addition.



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NOW we're talkin'!!!!

I've seen a lot of beautiful marbles come out of these runs... But, my general feeling is, most are very dark and the colors just don't scream "Made Loud to Play Loud" as well as I'd like them to......

That has just changed!!! THOSE are stellar!!!! :music-rocker-001:

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Hi Clyde,

Great to hear from you.

Hope things are going well.

My lawn chair is at the Jabo factory. I saw

what is left of it there yesterday.

Thanks for your kind comment, we think the Rainbows

are better than we expected.

They would look nice beside that BIG slag.


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Hi Burt, Thanks for the heads up. I knew it wasn't over.

Will add your info and picture to the private run list (over at Jabo Land).


These do kick-_ss, don't they?


Kudos to Dave and the crew, the Jokers, the partners and ALL involved.:music-rocker-001:

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Better get them fast cause "This is the last run"...... :deadhorse:

I'm not gonna slam this attitude, cuz at times I feel the weariness of the "Endless Last Run" announcements."

However, I would like to pass on a little advice from "One Who Has Eaten Crow..."

Many years ago, when marble collecting focused mainly on "Antique Marbles," there was very little interest in machine mades... Sure, we'd pick up an original box or bag if we could get 'em cheap... Items made with marbles were fun, comic strip marbles were an exception, transitionals with a ground pontil were collected buy a few and if a machine made marble really "sang" to us, it may be pulled out and saved as "special."

Really... That was the general collecting attitude amoungst the people I knew. I can't speak for other areas of the country, cuz we hardly knew those people...

Once we started having these gatherings called "shows," a small-but-growing group started to show up... These wacko people would sit on the floor of someone's room and weed through mounds of machine made marbles.... We would snicker and shake our heads... Obviously, they were NUTS!!!

I think you can all guess where this is headed...

If you just can't bend your mind around a Jabo, they simply aren't for you and that's fine...

BUT, if you see any beauty at all in these runs. Or, have any appreciation for the people who are really working at figuring out how to make one of these machines create "The most amazing marbles ever made." Buy what "Sings to You."

Who knows?? Will they ever be worth anything??? All I can say is... I NEVER thought machine made marbles could amount to what they have become... With the weeks, months and years of machines cranking them out, how could they EVER have slim enough numbers to command any amount of serious money???

Compare that to the few weekends of (now) 2 years of the Jabo runs....

Sure, it'll take a while... The collectible "wave" shows that the initial exposure gets attention.... Then, attention and value drops... Then, interest begins to grow, as observant people notice that they can get nice things for deflated costs... This interest grows as others notice the "spoils." The wave grows, prices rise to a peak... Then, because the cost is so high, the wave crashes and interest drops for a while and the whole process begins again...

It happens in every market....

Given the historical documentation and real beauty of these runs, don't be fooled into thinking that the runs and vast availability will last forever... Right now, the market is large. But, in the "Big Picture" of manufacture, this quantity is still very limited...

There will be many who will say, "I wish I'd known THEN, what I know NOW..."

Buy what SINGS to you.... ;)

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I'll echo Sue's comments above.

If you like them for what they are - buy them. If you think that they are some kind of potential "investment" - then I think you are missing the spirit of marble collecting.

You are buying the marble - not the story. No-one knows how many more runs there will or won't be. Ask yourself this: Why would it matter?

I for one would like a group of these. Your mileage may vary.

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