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Here are a few of my best, but I dont really collect them.


If you don't really collect them, then you wouldn't mind boxing up that purple, green, and yellow one and sending it to me, right? Right?

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I dont think we know enough about what Akro called a Popeye to say yes or no for sure - most collectors would say its not a Popeye because it doesn't have clear and wispy white in the clear - or not enough clear - but others would call it a Popeye. Either way its a nice Akro corkscrew.

If I were ID-ing it - I would apply these standards:

If the white is opaque its a Akro Prizename tricolored corkscrew

If the white is translucent it a Akro Ace tricolored corkscrew.

There are other opinions here I am sure.

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