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Marble Mail


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Here's some marbles that just came in Tuesday. Believe it or not, they have been in bags behind the wall in a 100 year old house in South Carolina. The owner just discovered them a few weeks ago. It seems someone had a 100 count CA box and an Akro tin. There was an Akro bag with it. Almost all the marbles are mint.

Popeyes, all but one 11/16" plus.


These next few pics are of 93 Christensen Agate swirls and flames. Some same run groups of 10. Looks like a box was dumped out.








Amazing group. There are some color combos in the swirls I have never seen. Beautiful!


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Hey Craig. PM me if you want to trade for one of those B/R Popeyes. 300+ different corks and I still don't have one of those??. I'm drooling over that big Blue brute as well. WoW! I have a double ribbon one like it but it's just under 7/8"

What a wicked score!

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Thanks everybody. I was pretty excited for sure, still am! Anybody have a 100 count CA box thats partially empty or empty? :)

Those black and orange ones are black on the other side. They match the other 4 on the far right side. I think these 10 black and orange made a row in a box. There are 8 to 10 of most of the colors. Someone must have had a 100 count box.

Sami, the CA slags are all around 9/16". And yes, I was contacted by email. Good lesson here though. Some other collector had a shot at these and lowballed her. I didn't know that when I gave her my appraisal, found out later. It just doesn't pay to try and screw people. Might as well be fair up front and get a chance at them.

If any go up for sale, I will let everyone know.


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