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Pride Of The Prairie Show Pictorial


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Hello everyone, here is a report on the Pride of the Prairie Marble Show. Chuck did a great job as usual. There was a great group of sellers and buyers and everyone seemed to have a great time. I am posting this on all of the forums so if you get tired of seeing it please accept my apologies :)

1. Navigator #1 acting like she knows where we’re going.

2. Navigator’s assistant not even pretending to know where we’re going.

3. In spite of our lack of navigational skills we eventually make it to the Land of Lincoln and…

4. The Pride of the Prairie Marble Show.


5. Here we find some of the usual suspects; Art Jones and Bill Bass were set up in their usual place.

6. Some of Art’s marbles and a witty sign they he claims works pretty well. The sign reads “Reasonable Offers Accepted – Unreasonable Offers Considered and Insultingly Low Offers Tolerated”.

7. Some of Bill’s marble related items, acquired from the Les Jones collection.

8. Another picture of some very unique items.


9. Some of Bill’s marbles.

10. Some more of Bill’s marbles.

11. And one more shot.

12. John seen here giving my kids marbles, he gave them each a real nice Green Pelt Banana and a Yellow Pelt Banana. My little girl tried to trade him her hair band (pictured on his knee) for some more but it wouldn’t fit so John passed :)


13. Mike C. having a good time at the show.

14. Steve Sturtz acting like he’s doing something.

15. George Sourlis acting like he’s doing nothing (I think he was sleeping).

16. Ron Yutzy doing something and appearing to enjoy it.


17. The gentleman seated is Everett Grist author of the Big Book of Marbles of which I now posses a signed copy. Not for sure who the rotund bald guy is.

18. Some of the marbles that Mr. Grist brought to the show.

19. Some more of his marbles

20. And yet even more.


21. Paul here had some of the coolest Crystal/Mineral spheres that I had ever seen.

22. The crystal parts were incredibly clear.

23. The mineral parts of the spheres varied in color and type.

24. These pictures don’t do these things justice, he is going to be coming to the Indianapolis show and I’m going to try and get some better shots.


25. Don Booher. Don had some nice reasonably priced marbles.

26. Here is one group.

27. And a few more.

28. Gino Biffany, Gino brought a ton of really nice marbles that I can only tell you about because for some reason this is the only picture I took of him.


29. Chuck Garrett pointing to the planet where he got the “out of this world” Pelt that you see in the next three shots.

30. Chuck was curious to see what kind of feedback some of you Pelt collectors might have about this marble.

31. I’m not necessarily a Pelt collector but...

32. I think its ok :)


33. Now this marble on the other hand. Interesting back story to this marble. The night before the show when the kids and I were getting stuff ready for the trip my wife noticed that I was taking some of the How to make a marble DVD’s with me. She asked me why I was taking them and I told her that I might give some away to some friends and maybe even trade one for a marble or two. She smiled (as if to say “you’re dreaming”) and said “Oh that sounds like a good idea”. I could tell that she thought I was pretty pathetic but boy was she surprised when I come home with this beauty. I found a fellow who was a relatively poor negotiator and swapped him a DVD for this one of a kind German Hand Made (I think). I almost felt like I was taking advantage of the guy. However in the future my wife will have more respect for my savvy business acumen.

34. This marble also one top prize of “Ugliest Marble” at the show.

35. Griff, doing what he does, smiling and hanging out at a marble show.

36. Two super cool marbles that Griff gave to my kids. These marbles were made by Nadine M. Thanks Griff.


37. An up close of a Pumpkin Marble. Great marbles Nadine.

38. The ever jovial Danny Grocki. I always look forward to seeing Dan, he is really a nice fellow.

39. Some of Dan’s marbles.

40. And a few more.


If you made it to the end thank you. If there are any pictures of marbles that you want to see a higher resolution picture of please let me know and I’ll e-mail you one. Also if you would like to contact one of the marble dealers featured here please e-mail me and I’ll send you their contact info. Thanks for looking, Joe.

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Hey Joe,

Thanks for the great show report. Nice Job! Super pictures too.

I think you got some of the rare birds this time- George Sourlis, Griff the Heron and Everett Grist- wOw!

Grocki, Biffany, Bass and Jones too!

Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Sorry I mised this one,


Lloyd Huffer

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That crazy marble in # 34 - - - what's the blue and white (and red?) stuff in there? Can you tell? And are those internal fractures or pieces of stuff or what?? (Obviously I like the weird ones . . . )

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Ann that looks to me, like a very rare antique handmade that has been played with past the point of recognition... To find that degree of original "Patina" (Note the touches of rust!!!!) is a true find...

Perfectly original, exactly as it was dug out from under the "Half-moon shed" in the back yard.... AMAZING!!!!

Joe must be a tough negotiator.... :jumping-1020:

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Them there marble munchers got me again!!!!

I told Nadine those marbles put smiles on everyone faces,and those 2 have proven it,,,again.

That cd you created is absolutly wonderful.I would recomend it to everyone.

It is a "MUST HAVE" for anybodies marble collection.

Im sure you have been told this many times,and is well deserved.

Thanks for the great show coverage,and all you are doing for the whole marble community!


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Hello everyone, thanks for all the nice comments. The show was great fun, Chuck's Peltiers that he showed me were awesome. I wish that I had been in a situation to take some better pictures of them. Sorry Griff, those kids of mine are shameless when it comes to mooching marbles :) Thanks again everyone, Joe.

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