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Ahhh, Moon Glow


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Larry was my mentor and real secretive when it came to marbles and marble ID! Being one of the first to write a marble book, (maybe the first machine-made book) i think he did not want any to know more than he on the subject of marbles! that is all he told me; "it is an early Ohio marble." i really do not know any more about these mibs. Maybe Brian Grahm that Ohio guy will weigh in.

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Just thought I would jump in with my Original box called "Rodger loves Audrey " It was full of marbles and I bought it from Rodgers side of the family , It was full of all these moonies so I made the board and then lined it with fabric . just great in the sun and I think there Akro ?









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I think it has generally been the opinion that if the Moonie when backlit gives off that reddish-yellow glow you similarly get from milk glass it is Akro but if there is a blue tinge to it the Moonie is Christensen. For a while there in the 1990s there were a bunch on 'Moonies' floating around which had the reddish-yellow glow but were creased all ta heck all over and it was hard to attribute them to Akro, Akro being so particular about the quality of their marbles, but I think they were dug Akro that just didn't measure up. The Hardys were selling them at what amounted to a discount like they'd have a full jar of them! David

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I didn't find anything like that at CA in Payne. There were a few MFC experimental marbles that contained a moonie opalescent base glass like this but i do not believe they were many of them made. I have less than 3 and only a couple pieces of the raw glass. Again these were mixed with other colors.

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