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Some Of My Favorite Christensen Agates


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Hi Ken,

Sorry but you can't convince me that those are Jabos, I don't see any lutz and that one in the second group looks like it has a pontil so they can,t be contemporaries either. Too bad, as brightly colored as those are they make me think of the circus (marbles). Hope I'll get to Indy show always fun to see your Spectacular Chrissies. Bill

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I agree watching bidders was fun. I have never found a good marble in the wild, darn it. I have always paid top dollar from all the reputable dealers. Also, Les Jones lived just 60 miles from me and he sometimes gave me first crack at nice Chrissies





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Love the large, clear based on the most. Beat up on a former employee, eh ? Lets see, even if she hired in at age 12 in 1930, she would be 91 years old today. You should be ashamed.

Oh yes, in the first post, I loved the second from last mib - a very unusual combination.

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Nice looking!

What size are the largest of the marbles shown in any or all of the entries above? Its hard to figure out ... even assuming all the guineas are pretty small... cuz they usually are, right? Are some of the bigger mibs shown up around an inch?

It would be really helpful to see some sizes along with the pics.

Thanks, Ruth

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