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Jabo Kokomo Run


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This just in from Dave... :cool-smileys-262:

Working now on the Kokomo run. This run is made from glass from the Kokomo

Glass Co. (KOG). John Odonell, The New Corp leader , was the one who set this

run in motion. Because of the Glass source, this run will be one of a kind and

I must say some of these are the best Kokomo marbles I've seen.

Any one interested in getting in on these marbles needs to contact Kokomo Glass

for the cherry picking. I do not believe anyone will be un satisfied with the


call (765) 457-8136

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I picked up a set locally, available at KOG's gift shop,and took some pics.

I have mixed reviews about them, but will maybe wait for a few more opinions before stating mine publicly..





Okay, here's my opinion. First off, the marbles are okay. They are completely different color wise, but rather boring, and a limited selection. I'm basing this on seeing a couple thousand of them.

Second, I should have produced the box sets for them, but opted not to make money off of something they could get done from the same suppliers, without my cut. They did already have a logo. Big mistake. The boxes are what? A clear plastic food carton, with a gold print sticker, and two slabs of cut foam, that don't fit well, and have no holes, or anything to keep the meager 13 marbles from rolling around. For another $1 per box, a nice die cut foam could have been employed. Apparently 5000% mark up was the bottom line. I do like the 1", Logo marble. The print is good. At $15 a box, I'd keep my mouth shut, but it's not a very good deal at $25.

I've gotten relatively worse deals though, and as a collector, I'm happy to have one, regardless.

I'll remove the foam, and fill the box full with some of my Kokomo marbles. It will look sweet that way. Like a new, full box.

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