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Jabo Lutz

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The cool thing about that run is that similar marbles w/o the lutz are also over-the-top and as far as I've been able to determine from the ones I've received and I got some of the better ones, they are generally recognizable and unlike anything previously produced in the field of marbles. I am coveting mine! David P.S. O.K., I sent seven or maybe it was nine of them with pink for a special friend's cedar marble box in Duluth MN.

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Yep,I did that.I was doing a little experimenting,with some fine goldstone dust.That particular marble,was sprinkled,not blown.I was zeroing in on what classifacation,of frit can be used,without pre-heating,to place it on the surface,without having "texture".

David M provided that particular batch of "lutz" dust.I didnt care for some of it because its a little too fine,and some,didnt sparkle.Kind of looked "dirty".

I have been,fine tuning that size issue,here,in pa.

During the Joker III run,I was playing on the rollers,off and on,and there are a very limited number,of those type of marbles made.(good colors,with lutz added).The largest group of lutz marbles made,during that run,was when they turned,and ugly brown and white.I hit them heavy with the lutz,for at least,a couple hundred marbles.

I have many differant,mini experiments,with fritt,I would like to try,but I just cant afford to invest in many runs,giving me the opp.,to play.

I have a box,of preped stuff,ready to go,if I can just get an invite,to come play.

Gotta get a t-shirt made up."WILL WORK FOR MARBLES!""

If anyone would like me at their run,my only requirement,is that I get to keep,some examples,of my experiments.Of course,there are always guys,like Ed Parsons,that insist I take a couple jars of marbles!

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