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Marble Fight Impending.......the Cac Persian Ox?!?!

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Well friends I found a new marble and it has me baffled. The center mib has the classic CAC blue base with what appears to be "oxblood" While I know CAC didnt make true oxblood (and we dont need to fight about that; or do we?)It really appears this time to be that way. It is flanked by other CAC's with red and electric orange respectively. It appears to be pseudo hand gathered and is pretty neat. I think I read somewhere a while back that CAC didnt even make Persian oxblood, but who knows. Sorry for the rambling.

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated!



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Under further inspection the base glass color more closely resembles that of my MFC Persian turq's......think its MFC?

I'm not seeing any handgathered marbles . All the marbles you have shown here look like machine made marbles.

...and I think the production of MFC Persian Oxbloods was Bob Block's pipe dream.

given there might have been a few "close" ones made.

I defy anyone so show a box of em...or 3 or 4 for that matter.

(BT has one that might sway me a little)

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The late Les Jones once told me he didn't think there was any such marble as a Persian (spelled incorrectly in the books as Persion) oxblood or whatever it's called.

Not just the books . . . I've seen at least one original box that carried the misspelling "Persion," and some of the books have repeated it . . .

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