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Why Is This Guy Stiil Around?

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Sorry ziggyzora & richsantaclaus, the seller pavcraz has a history of selling torch-made reproductions as the real deal. He also sells fantasy boxes that look sorta real because he photocopy's the Akro label & pastes it on. Sells Champion new old fashions as CAC & basically does anything he can to cheat people in to giving him their money!

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What I don't understand is the attitude of feeling you have to throw in the towel because of guys like this. There's something so defeatist about letting slime balls like pavcraz convince you to abandon what has been a personal passion. I have his address in Maine if you'd like to channel your distaste by sending his neighbors up and down the street a letter spelling out just who is living amongst them. Don't abdicate, go on the attack! David

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I think all we can do is keep - filing a complaint against him - individual we are nothing, but together they have to hear us...

I believe we all did that once and it did nothing....besides - if it wasn't Pavcraz it would be someone else.

On top of that there are several others among the community of collectors that pass off BS as real and then even boast about it and they are tolerated and even supported by some in the community while others despise them and it creates very little fondness for collecting.

I wouldn't pay the 4 - 5 hundred bucks for a real diamond graded "Chrissy" or a "Navarre" from anyone of you without the provenance to prove its value (and there is none), too much risk involved that I would be buying a fake - and as for collecting just because "you like them" (one hand on hip with a limp wristed wave swinging my hip just a nudge) I have plenty of beautiful marbles that I bought for that reason, but the taste that fakes have left has tainted the desire completely.

I tell you true - I bought a high end bag - supposedly an original bag from a well named trusted collector - I bid top dollar to win the item - and I thought nothing of it at the time. The bag arrived - I added it to my collection, happy as a lark - then a few weeks later I was going through and resorting and came across the bag comparing it to another I had purchased previously and realized the bag was not geniune. There was nothing I could pin on the seller. There was no way of taking a photo and showing it was a fake - I just know - its been faked - there is just something new about the threads, the header, the staples, ...the marbles are all real - but the bag is a fake. This put marble collecting into category of discomfort that I found extremely unattractive, and have found less and less attractive as the years progress.

More bickering - more Jabos looking and passing as antiques, more and more rewrite of historical data that brings even more questions into light.

Sorry - I like a defined collection. Something with firm parameters. Marbles have lost that.

I know you are gonna call me crazy - some of you are gonna email Lou and Steph and call me pavcraz or worse - have at it.

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Someone once accused him of being Pavcraz. That had to hurt.

Really sorry about that Bill. Sorry I ever mentioned it to you. Sorry anyone ever mentioned it to me.

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Since it was alluded to again and since I have participated in this thread I want to say upfront that through some inadvertent mix-up in a Post or a PM or whatever I in some manner implied that Pavcraz was Bill. I do not know how I managed to do this because at that very same time I was fully aware that Pavcraz was this guy living in Brunswick, Maine. But it was most pointedly brought to my attention and I was chastised repeatedly for which I have been carrying some not fully understandable guilt ever since. I'm not sure if this was even ever brought to your attention Bill but I would like to go on the record as apologizing right here out in the open especially since mentioned this has been brought up again.

Re. abandoning marbles well that's your choice obviously but there isn't hardly an area in the entire world of antiques and collectibles where someone hasn't already or isn't planning to fake someone else personal and favorite passion. Unfortunately it's the nature of the beast. David Chamberlain

P.S. And if anyone would care to provide me with the actual deed info. as done I would be forever gratefully edified.

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for David,

No - I was never informed it was you - Steph kept you covered, so I never knew. But I do appreciate the apology, thanks.

For the general readers following this thread few or many...

I really give very little thought to Pavcraz or most sellers who porn-mote their marble wares with half nekked names and fancy letters...I used to search through their crap looking for real beauties & collectibles among their BS of mis-names, mis-spellings and ill use of manufacture names like Ackro, MF Chistiansons and Pealtier as a way of covering their tracks. (ie "I never claimed it was a Peltier") but its gotten real old and real irritating as Jabos continue to roll off the assembly lines by the thousands and then get sold as real antiques and broaden the market to the point of no return with another run almost every month.

The definition of what Peltier, MFC, Akro, Christensen created back in the early 1900's has been morphed and modified within the collecting community to allow beautiful examples of antique "wannabees" to be sold in the community as a "real no doubt about it concensus antique". Sure its beautiful, sure its one of kind, sure its kinda like a Peltier, BUT IT AINT A PELTIER! There is no provenance to substantiate these new claims and they have ruined the market. If you want to collect it - be my guest, yah its a neat marble - but don't dump it on the antique market!!!!

....whoops too late - and too many fakes to recover the values now. The collecting community has no bounds & no borders to reign in these fakes - and in fact the community itself seems to enjoy revelling in the expanding market because it lends cred to their own questionable wannabees....lol

sorry - blah blah blah - I won't bore everyone any further.

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