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got some kokomos in a group today. I know the top two are, but what can anyone tell me about the bottom two? I'm pretty dang sure they're kokomo, came together, same body glass etc. love the soft pastel colors!


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Dammit! I had a little pudding cup of drab grayish based marbles that looked like sloppy pelts, but it's MIA. Did Kokomo make a drab gray based marble that glowed like mad? I'll dig a bit more later to see if I have any more like the ones I am asking about. Thanks for the info so far.

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The base here looks kinda white to me in the pic, but it's gray in hand. It glows.


(Dustin's auction pic, my mib)

Joe did a good job of catching the gray and the inky blue ribbons in his pic. I'll bet this one glows - hmm, I'll bet a dime.


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If the base glass all smells the same they are all Kokomos.

Were there any clear based mibs in the group ? The red on the clear, bubbly base glass is spectacular.

Hello, here is a shooter now believed to be a Kokomo. You mentioned the red on the clear looking spectacular. The red on this one is eye-popping! Check it out.

(The single pure white stripe glows a lot and the rest glows just a little)

post-315-127672464821_thumb.jpg post-315-127672560701_thumb.jpg

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hmmm.. back to the drawing board then. i thought for sure the top right one was. there's actually 2 separate marbles in that pic. sorry should have been more specific. it has the same base glass as the others but only a light ribbon.

what would you think the other are?


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