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Sad News Once Again


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I just received one of those phone calls,that you don't want to hear. A close long time friend of Everett Grist just called and informed me that Everett just passed away. Everett,s daughter and his friend said they knew that he relied on me a lot with marbles. They ask me to let everyone know.

One thing for sure,from the first time i ever meet Everett. He was always straight up,no doubts of what he wanted,how he wanted it,his way,his terms. But,i also found out that he would bend within reason. He had a big heart and good intentions. One of his big goals was to introduce young people or older people,to marble collecting. He understood that not everyone can pay $50.00-$100.00+ for a marble. He told me and others "I may not be a marble expert,especially around machine mades. But,i know how to write books that will help bring young and new people into this hobby. Will you help me ?" Every time we did talk on the phone,he always ask about my grandson Morgan. He had meet Morgan years ago and listened to him talk about digging marbles in the creek by my house. It was a delight to really get to know the true Everett Grist.

Goodbye friend ! Rest in peace.

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My wife and I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Everett at the Buckeye Marble Show, in Columbus,Ohio a few years back. It was good to get to know the big guy better. My first marble book was by Everett. REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND. Jim and Linda Wissler

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CACKID I met mr. grist at the decatur show a few years back,he treated me like a long lost friend,he truly loved marbles ,we talked for some time that evening.I,m so happy I got to meet him ,my father had just died of heart failure ,we talked about his health problems that were similar to my dads.Talking to him relieved some of my loss of my dad.I will miss evert greatly,may he never be forgoten for his contributions to marble collecting.

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Everett Wayland Grist


Author Of Several Books On Antiques And Collectibles

Everett Wayland Grist, 84, of East Ridge, died on Saturday, March 19, 2011.

Mr. Grist was an author and wrote several books on antiques and collectibles.

Survivors are his daughter, Sandra Quick; son, Billy Grist; three grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

At his request, there will be no visitation or services.

Visit www.heritagefh.com to share words of comfort with the family.

Arrangements are by Heritage Funeral Home and Crematory, Battlefield Parkway.

Good Bye Uncle Everett............

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It was 1986 when I first met Everett Grist in person. He had come "Down East" for the New England Marble Show at the Holiday Inn at Attleboro, Massachusetts. Everett was quite a standout in the predominately Yankee crowd. He had the stature and personality of a country gentleman. His southern drawl and bassy voice could be heard from quite a distance.

We swapped marbles and stories during the day. Saturday night a group of twenty or so marble collectors went out to eat at a neighborhood lobster house. Everyone ordered the Daily Special- Boiled Whole Lobster. Everett was sitting next to me when the Lobster was served. He took one look at the bright red lobster on his plate and turned to me and said: "This is the biggest insect I ever tried to eat." 'How do you get started?" Unlike Everett who had never eaten a Lobster before in his life, I had grown up near the Ocean and had been enjoying Lobster since I was a kid. I quietly said to Everett: "I've eaten hundreds of these insects, it's easy, just follow my lead and nobody will be the wiser."

The Lobster was delicious, the companionship- superb.

This was the beginning of what was a long and enjoyable friendship.

Lloyd Huffer

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Last weekend the Decatur IL show was dedicated to Everett Grist. A monment of silence was held for thoughts of Everett by everyone. His picture greeted everyone has they entered. He would be happy.




Thanks Chuck !

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