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Molten Glass Stops Nuclear Leak!

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Several years ago my mentor (the person that made my marble reconditioning machines) told me that he had purchased some special glass that had been developed to install in the doors of Nuclear furnaces so the fire inside could be seen. The first try didn't work so they redid the formula and sold off the first batch of glass. He sold me 4 of the marbles that he had made from this glass. The glass is very clear and lemon yellow in color as well as being fairly soft. It does not glow or put out any rad's. The marbles measure 1 7/8" and each one weighs a little over 10oz. A German hand made with a caged large ribbon core of the same size weighs slightly over 3oz. One is on display at the marble museum here in York. I traded one for some marbles and if anyone would like to have one I will trade one, (I have two left) but only one for a marble or some marbles. If you are interested just email me at [email protected] ----Leroy----

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Hey Leroy, that is so cool and ironic. The reason is that i had a very good friend make me a mystery marble for our show here and a prize to the one who ided it right or close to it. It was a blast showing it all around and everyone guessing what it was. Terry T came the closest to it. The mystery marble was out of a sight glass that was in a nuclear reactor. Oh yes someone told me that they may have one coming to them also. Marbling is so much fun!!!

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