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I Need A Lil Help On The Id'ing Of These, Pls

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Actually that would be an avocation. And while vintage marbles rarely exhibit crazing, to the marble novice and to the general collecting public crazing is generally an indicator of age. Whatever, I would give Tom Thornburgh the benefit of the doubt. David

Nope, I meant vocation.

For Tom, I believe marble making is a full time occupation.

What I mean is, for all the time and expense that goes into making these marbles, and for what he sells them for, he must be doing it for the love of it.


   /voʊˈkeɪʃən/ [voh-key-shuhn]



a particular occupation, business, or profession; calling.


a strong impulse or inclination to follow a particular activity or career.


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Could have fooled me from y'r Post #9* above. Well good for Tom. Either way he's got talent. David

"More than just art.

For the (low) price these marbles are originally sold for, it must be a vocation." hdesousa

avocation - a subordinate occupation pursued in addition to one's vocation esp. for enjoyment; hobby Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

Sorry, couldn't help myself!

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