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Marbles Used As Cereal Box Prizes?


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Has anyone heard of marbles sealed in a plastic tube being the prize in cereal boxes?

I was at an estate auction today and purchased some. I was told that these packages of 9 marbles were the prize in the bottom of cereal boxes? So far I have not been able to find anything on this. I would like to know between what years this was the prize and what cereal brand and what marble brand if anyone knows.


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I don't know about the cereal box marbles, but I sold a promo pack that came on top of the lid of JIF peanut butter, it was really cool, now I wish I still had it. I believe it was 6 cateyes. I wish I had a pic, it had a round cardboard bottom and a hard clear plastic top, I'm sure to fit perfectly on the top of the jar. by the way, those are awesome videos!

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I do believe marbles were used as prizes in cereal boxes during the mid - late 50s (maybe into the 60s). The tubes I've seen are cellophane. Most have Marble Kings or Vitros in them. Yours appear to be a mix and include some swirls. Nine marbles per pack seems to be more than I'm used to seeing too.

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If I recall correctly, I have seen some with mixed makers. I remember being a little confused by them at the time ... trying to figure out if they really were mixed. I don't remember how many were in them. Could they have been Don's? Anyone recall those?

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I have sold several packs of 7 marbles in cellophane tubes.

They all had at least one yellow & white St, Mary's 4 vane 2 color regulars.

I still have several.

They were given away with a package of hotdogs.

The tubes get very dry & crack open.

Don't remember the name of the hotdog co.

Nice find BTW


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