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Help With Id's 2

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Here's some of the marbles that were with the clear one, I'm not sure if it helps. There's one other marble I was hoping to find out a little more about, there's three pic's of it. I know that it's not clay, bennington, crockery, china, or glass. I think it's the paper mache. Outside of that I don't know much about it, or even how much it's worth.


See pic's below please

And Pic's on page 2

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It might be grey/milky colored under a couple of semi translucent areas. I'm really not sure what it is. It is really out of round and the areas that look like damage areas look like a spot where it was twisted off and a spot that's indented and there's a ruff patch on it like it has something strange in the mixture of whatever makes up the marble. It doesn't feel like any of the other older handmade marbles, it has a feeling all its own. Any help anyone could give me on what this marble might be would be great.

Thanks again.

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