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Alan's Marble Connection Is Back Online!

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To all,

As a tribute to Alan I have spent some time with the web archives reconstructing the old Alans Marble Connection from 2006. I have tried to keep the site as much as the same as possible, with just minor HTML changes to make things run smoother. It is hosted on my website for now. I hope eveyone will pass the word along that it's back up and running.


I will try and attempt to update the site with new descriptions, new marble names and types that have been discovered since 2006 to keep the legacy going. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Craig Snider


PS. This is the first day up and running, so please let me know if you find broken links, etc. so I can get them fixed! Thanks!

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After all the work to get it to look like it was, I will probably leave it. When the old site went down, I was the one who put the site up that is out there now. I designed his graphics, the running rabbit logo, etc. But we didn't know about the archives then, or it might have been redone. Some day, maybe his domain name can be forwarded to this one. I used to have his login info for the new site, but can't find it.

Glad everyone is enjoying it. I learned a ton on that site when starting colllecting.


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