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i like the brown traveler. And the center one... a pine needle wasn't it? :rolleye-842: the one next to the chocolate cow...is there a surfer in there? I can't tell if the base is clear or not... hmmm... like the blue bee too. nice

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Very good job everyone on iding some of them, keep it going till they are all named. It really thrills me to see that everyone is learning about some great peltiers. The hobby is all about learning and carrying it way into the future for those who seek and look for great pieces of art work in glass. Chuck G--

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I'll take a crack at it.....a lot of named pelts in this group.

Green Fizz

Tan based Xmas Tree

Blue Bee

Blue Deere


Red zebra w/ aventurine

Dragon variant w/ white


Green Rebel (or galaxy)

Ruby Bee w/ red aventurine

Moody Blues

MCS w/ a ying yang pattern

3 Silver Surfer types or variants

Bronze Zebra

NLR rebel with a bit of clear

and a few others...

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Members, i will give this a few more days and i will give you all the list and names of them. This is what i gave to the Texas club and the West Virginia club to post if they do in the next newsletter. This is fun and everyone learns. Chuck G--

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m!b$, names can sure get into a heated discussion if not careful. I just want to interject my opinion on this thing about names of marbles. A lot of people learn to id marbles thru names of them. I teach when i do talks about marbles that names refer to color combinations making it much easier to remember. Example: "Superman" we all know its blue, red and yellow, that can also go for not only a peltier but an akro or alley and so on. ID=name=color combo=easy to remember. Now some may disagree with this presumption but this is what i feel most like about collecting and learning about them. I have to appoligize for some of the names of the peltiers that came from me. If a marble is named it should stay in the family it started with. "Superman" "Phantom Superman" "Transparent Superman" and so on. Once you are keyed into a certain name and another is added to the hobby its much easier to remember back to what it looks like or should look like. Chuck G--

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People are visual. It helps to have a name to refer too than just teling someone a color combination. The hardest part is to match the names across the board.

Here are 2 very rare pelts. The first one people on the east coast call it a Green Galay. On the west coast it's called a Green Rebel. It doesnt fit into a galaxy description. The base is white. Not green. The only difference between it and a Rebel is that a rebel has red ribbons. This has green ribbons. Hence the name Green Rebel. The second one goes by 3 different names. On the East coast it's called a Gecko. It's also called a Flaming Dagon with aventurine. The third name is what it should be, if you go by descriptions of other already established names. It's true name should be Green Galaxy. It's base is green with red/yellow ribbons and black aventurine ribbons. So, the name game does have pitfalls. I know the members of NHA club are thrilled about that.



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I don't think I'm a name-hater. But I'm not influenced anymore by whether or not a marble has a name.

That last one looks like it has a translucent base, and as far as I know, a Blue Galaxy has an opaque base. And the base looks more yellow than green, to me.

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Clyde, very well said and WE WILL work on pulling the names togather as one name for one marble. I think one day when a good peltier book comes to the market it will pull all of us togather in agreement fully with the names. For me names are vital for the hobby like i mentioned above and why. Hope some more members chime in and give us their opinions. Chuck G--

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Get on that book chuck! You have the marbles for good pictures, and you could do a big photo shoot at your show one year if you put ot the word to wc Dave, kevin P, clyde, sami and other pelt colectors etc. The books are only helpful with great pics, especially rarities, so we have something to search for, or pine after......


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I am in for help in any way I can for a book. I also agree the names help in identifying harder to find, special marbles. Rare, early Peltiers are definitely a good candidate for names, specially the sleepers. The name brings in the attention and the value the marble deserves, also a good hunting target for newer collectors with the knowledge of what to look for.

Gorgeous examples of hard to find Peltiers there Chuck!


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The last one is an opaque green base. What you may be seeing is where there is very light black aventurine making it for some reason to appear to have to have clear. Neither of these are mine. I need to learn how to do the macro setting on my camera for some of my stuff.

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Thanks everyone for the great encouragment that makes this hobby so enjoyable especially the new friends and fun along this pathway of life. I will be hitting the final last few months and going into retirement by midyear next year and will be working on some great things and photos and working towards and or helping with a really great peltier book. I have already started making notes and working towards this goal. I may and could use some help from my great pelt brothers and sisters in the near future. Something to look forward to unless someone else beats me to the punch. Chuck G--

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Ok members here we go on the names of the pelts on the tower, starting with the top row going left.

1. a "Coral" with a transluscent base.

2. "Red Zebra" with green av

3. "Dragons Eye" a varient of the Dragon family, note: four red transp.ribbons with one opaque wht ribbon

4."Silver Serfer" swirl type

5."Copper Head"

6."Purple Fizz" must be florescent

7. "Green Fizz" must be florescent

8. "Transparent Superman" swirl type

9. "Ketsup&Mustard&Relish"

10. "Dragom Melon" similir to the MK watermelon

11. "Christmas Eve" must have a gray base

12. "Frosted Pine Needle" must have green av

13. "Brown Zebra" swirl type and has brown av in it

14. "The Black Universe" swirl type with blk/blu/silver av

15. "Ruby Bee Rebel" has blk and red av

16. "Salamander" six ribbon multi-colored on clear base

17. "Green Rebel" must have blk and green av and a swirl type

18. "Blue Lagoon" transp. base with blu riboons and white with blu av in it

19. "Moody Blue" tan base with blu and white ribbons

20. "Transparent Rebel" clear base with red blk and white swirl type

21. "Transparent Bumblebee" clear base with black yellow and white, swirl type

22. "Blue Deere" yellow base, transp green ribbons with blu av in it

23. "Blue Bee" yellow base wit ribbons of blu av in it

This is the list for those who want to know what some HTF peltiers are. Hope articles like this keeps your passion going strong. Chuck G--

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well i did look at that one, but it just didn't register as one. it doesn't look like the ones i have seen. but we all know how difficult pictures can be! especially with clear base marbles sometimes! sorry, i missed that!

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