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Found Today...


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Was surprized i found them all together in 1 batch in Holland,Akro's--Vitro's--Peltiers and WV swirls.

Sometimes i find only 1 American marble here in an old group,this time i think most off them are US made,and some fig8 and German cat's.




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Magnificently motley!

What a great group!

And nice lighting for the transparent and translucent areas.

Any chance of any more photos or info regarding the marble

which extends the furthest to the left in the first photo? It's

reminding me of my all time favorite Jabo Blood Viper/

Cobra/Cyclone. Thanks, Bob :)

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Thanks all,some of them have play wear,i bought them in a second hand shop,payed only 50ct,think it's a steal.

Bop that one is a german cat's,here it is.


Ric i'm not sure if it's Vitro,but it don't look Asian either,what do you think? that orange is odd.


Haventhat,here is,i think a Akro swirl,it glows UV,i think the red is odd.


and a cork


Is this a cork aswell or a swirl,what do you think?


And here is a nice slag,German or US made,when backlighted the base is transp- red.



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