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The Perfect Mica Onionskin


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I want to share with you my newest marble. It is a 2-1/2 inch mica onionskin. The color combination a fantastic! The red dots seems to flow as to speak "in space" because of the dark background near the red dots

Most amazing is the condition of this marble. I examined it with a loupe, but I could not detect any damage at all! Not the smallest scratch, subsurface sparkle, noting, nada.

Perhaps this marble could be graded 10.0. I think it is very rare that an old 2-1/2 inch handmade marble has no damage at all.

Well enjoy the photos.



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Not saying it happened here but there is a collector in your area that has done a lot of hand buffing on big handmades.

If you refer to Jeroen van Valkenburg, I can tell you that this marble comes from the USA Jeroen vV has never seen it before. It once was in the collection of Bud Braunlich Jeroen

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