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Feeling Blue?

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Just took a bunch quickly but blue is common in pelts . so here are just a few sorry for some of the blur but just wasting time before I pull by oil pan on the truck . Mike

























. well that is enough for now have to get things done . Mike

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Thanks to everyone for all the nice Pelts.

There really is 'something' about them.

Would like to know if there's a name for the larger marble in

the middle of the opening photo. Makes a good centerpiece!

And in the last photo, number two in row two is just insane!

I don't get around much, but have never seen a pattern like that.

Also, I'm guessing the last one in the front row is a Christmas Tree,

but it's kind of fancy looking. Is this one of the variations with

an extra adjective in its name? ( :

(Steph, I know you're going to razz me for mentioning an 'extra'

adjective when there isn't an original one. But I spent a while

trying to come up with something better and failed miserably

and my brain started to hurt. :P )

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Yep, a pretty wild spiderman. I like a wild pattern if I can find it. Same for the Christmas tree that you pointed out....though not quite as wild. There is a burnt Christmas tree that has a pretty good pattern too, third row just past the poison bee.

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Think I know which one you mean, and it's a nice one too.

But forgive me for being completely thrown by 'poison bee'.

Haven't heard of that, and I'm not seeing anything which

makes me think "Oh, that must be it!"

Like your 'ketchup and mustard'. I still don't have one,

although it's on the wish-list. Luckily I didn't pick one up

early on, since it would have been one of the many shown

on the bay which have no white. If I'm remembering

correctly, that's essential for a 'genuine' one.

What size is yours? Looks a little bigger than 5/8. ( :

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Hi Bob. Poison bee is second in row three from the bottom. Black and yellow with the black trimmed in red. I have heard it called a bleeding bee but poison be seems to be what most are calling it. As for size on the other....it is bigger than 5/8 but I don't remember exactly.

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♪ I can see clearly now... ♪

Don't know why I wasn't honing in on the poison bee.

Pattern looks like other bees, and the colors are definitely

of the badbutt variety. Which I guess is to say that they'd

look good on a hot rod or the van of a heavy-metal group.

And another 'Yes!'

The black on blue is spectacular.

Although given the overall marble size, to me it's more

like a horse-hair than a stripe. The 'definition' against

the slightly softer stripe is awesome. ( :

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As they should be!

Just as great as the Pelts without blue.

Looks like you and William both have

examples of particularly large nice Pelts.

I have one or two which are noticeably larger

that 5/8, but not quite up to your bad boys.

Are there many Pelts at the appx. 1" size?

They don't seem as common as those from

other manufacturers in my limited experience.

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