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Show Us Your Asian Patches


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Here's an assortment including some with what looks like oxblood and some with aventurine:


Ooops, these wouldn't all be called patches, would they. Well, I don't mind non-patches if you don't mind.

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Thanks Steph,no not real patches,well i don't know if mine are real patches.

Like to start with the "Japanese"patches.

I know they're older than 58 years cause they were among the family marbles.

As you can see in the box they've made opaque and transparant base ones.


Look at the form of the seams of this picture,they've similarities,in the middle opaque and 2 transparant.


Here are some more transparants



And here opaques



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Here's an itty bitty picture of a box, and a pic of its label. Got the pictures from a Marblealan auction. Don't know who got the box.



Here is what the auction description said:

This lot, A MARBLE CONSIGNMENT, consists of a 100-count marble box (ca. 1930s) with approximate dimensions of 5-3/16" by 5-3/16" by 17/32". The only marking on it is a small side label reading "100 Bolitas/No. 00/Asst. B/Industria/Japonesa," indicating manufacture in Japan and sale in South America, probably Argentina. The marbles all measure about 1/2" (13 mm) and represent eight different color combinations of "Patches" arranged in 10 columns ....

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Here's a Reg'lar Fellers puzzle box which said "Made in Japan", though some suggested it was only the box and not the marbles which were made there. The seller said these marbles were 11/16".



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This is another Asian type,don't know where they've been made,Japan-India-China??

Don't kow if they're real patches,patch and ribbon style?

Some are real nice with neat seams,but most of them are sloppy made.




This are some nicer ones




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Great thread Steph!

I've had this bright blue one for a while and always wondered what the heck it was.post-2752-0-46484400-1377219027_thumb.jppost-2752-0-87869300-1377219057_thumb.jp

While trying to find it in order to take a pic I found one, and maybe two more - although I could still go Master Sunburst on the third one. What do you think?post-2752-0-85345100-1377219156_thumb.jp

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The fore going marbles i could place a little bit,but here i get lost,maybe you folks too.

When i start to collect marbles this patches confused me the most and some of them still do,some of them have a Vitro look.

only thing i can say they're all probable Asian and colorful.

Good to hear Stacy,hope to solve a few more.





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