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Is anybody else thinking Akro on this red and black one? I know a long time ago there was disagreement over whether there was such a thing as an "Akro helmet" .

And isn't there also a foreign marble with a similar construction to this? I think Winnie posted one recently.

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Oh no

This is a marble king, modern wasp with a messed up band pattern :)

THose dark,muddy wasps they came out with in the 80's. I was just amazing that one looked just like a vitro helmet :)

I have some Akros that are SIMILAR to helmets, but seem to have more in common with tr-lites

I saw a listing this past week for 3 big Akros with oxblood. I had never seen the like and they looked a LOT like vitros but the size was way off. I got clyde to look at them and he said he felt they were dug. That Dug stuff...so much nicer than the normal stuff at times :)

Here is a pic of 1 I fell in love with...just not 250.00 for all 3 "in-love" lol


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Yah, my lone Vitro Oxblood lol

I am still second guessing my decision to not bid on those 3 marbles. What are the odds I will find a honker that looks like THAT any time before I reach the age to collect Social Security :)

Ah well, youwin some....and then you talk yourself out of some and lose sleep over it......:P



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Galen, to me, that looks like an odd transparent Whitey that's missing a ribbon. I have seen (likely still possess, somewhere) several similar with a few different striping colors. Next time I come across them I'll try to remember to take pics and post them.

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