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Out Of State Auction

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I won a auction in another state, and today they came.

Thought I would post them to see what everyone has to say about them.


I have all the seam's facing down so you can't see them.

And, are you ready, I had to pay an outrageous buyers premium of.......

2% yeah; you read right.. 2%

Thanks and Enjoy!!

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William, these are really neat and pretty marbles from every angle. In this tower shot are two bigger marbles in the center that are real similiar. A jar of these came from an auction that were lunch box marbles from a past employee at the pelt factory. Now wheather these were actually made by peltier is another story, like we all know that marbles came from one company to another. So far unless someone comes up with more info on these i call the pelt "Purple Togas" and these look like the ones you posted. Let everyone decide on their own on this one of who made them. Chuck G--


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Unless they were dug I doubt very much they were sold by the company that advertised "The Most Perfectly Formed Marbles"

I would have to agree.

Now I can't say which company made them, but whoever did, they "appear" to be dug marbles.


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